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Progressive Delivery

If you have large writing projects, this style of delivery is an excellent way of breaking these down into more manageable chunks, and it is a service our company offers. For example, suppose your tutor has asked you to research and write a 20+page research paper (and it is to be typed in double line spacing) or they have asked for a 10+page report (which is to be typed in single line spacing), it is possible you may find these projects difficult to manage or even unwieldy. However, in choosing to get your paper delivered in parts, everything should start to seem less difficult.   

Main Reasons for Choosing Progressive Delivery - Advantages:

  • Your order will be written by expert writers and carefully scrutinized for errors by our diligent editors.
  • Excellent way of tracking your orders (and managing them) – makes this task a lot easier. Taking delivery of a paper in smaller parts allows more time for you to review each portion – which you may approve of or want adjustments – before turning your work over to your supervisor(s)/evaluator(s). 
  • On receipt of your order, we nominate one of our competent managers to monitor the process from its starting point to the end. Throughout the process, you and the expert working on your paper are likely to need to communicate with one another. Your order manager will make sure all two-way communication is as efficient as possible, that your requirements and instructions are taken into account, and that your assignment is completed to a superior standard.
  • Sufficient time to ask our company to make any amendments you feel are necessary (at no added cost). In comparison, the normal timeframe allowed for complimentary revisions is 2 days but this method gives you 30 days.      

How and when the parts or drafts of your paper will be delivered *: 

  • Suppose your order has to be completed in 4 days or sooner: When that deadline reaches or comes close to the 50% stage (half-way), your writer will send the first 25% of your paper (Part A) to you. In other words, if your set an original deadline of 2 days and your order = 20 pages, we will deliver the first 5 pages to you when 1 day of deadline time has expired.           
  • Suppose your order has to be completed in 5 to 11 days: When that deadline reaches or come close to the 25% and 50% stages, your writer will send 25% and 50% of your paper (Parts A and B) to you.        
  • Suppose your order has to be completed in 12 or 12+ days: When that deadline reaches or come close to the 25%, 50%, and 75% stages, your writer will send 25%, 50%, and 75% of your paper (Parts A, B and C) to you.  

This service is not over-priced - a relatively affordable +15% over and above standard delivery methods. 

* It is possible for to deliver orders by other means if the arrangements outlined above do not suit a particular customer’s needs. The writing manager in charge of the order will consider the customer’s circumstances and suggest a delivery method to fit with their specific requirements. All the customer needs to do is contact their manager to discuss their situation.  

Additional Services – More Options for Less Bulky Papers 

If an assignment is only 19 pages (or less), the following services might prove useful: 

Summaries (Single Pages) will willingly provide a one-page summary of any paper if required. These 1-page summaries are prepared in the form of synopses showing – at a single glance – the most salient information or points from an overall paper. If, for instance, you need to provide reports to a tutor on a scheduled basis, you may find summaries a help and, indeed, we highly recommend this option to you.    


Customers of are also welcome to ask us to provide them with drafts. We provide these either as a) one-page documents with 300 words (double line spacing) or b) one-page documents with 600 words (single line spacing). Once complete, these are delivered when the half-way point of an original deadline (50%) is reached or comes close. So, suppose the agreed completion time = 4 days, a 1-page draft can be sent when 2 days of this timeframe has expired.   

Extended Revisions

Upon placing an order with our company, you become entitled to request revisions at no further cost, provided your request is received by before 48 hours (after delivering the order) has expired. In the event you choose an extended revision period, however, you get 14 days (instead of the standard 2) for requesting free revisions.    


True customer stories

The paper you delivered far exceeded my expectations. It didn't need to be revised at all. Your writer followed my instructions exactly, the source material was perfect and the paper was highly organized. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't think I would get such good quality, particularly as my topic was a very complex one.

My sincere thanks


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