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Comparison Essay Sample (Comparison of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes)


The modern world is full of absolute dichotomies. Many foremost philosophers and historians, who left a great legacy of their important works for today’s generation, asserted that political theory in the seventeenth century encountered with the similar rift. There were many debates and experiments conducted regarding the sources of power and the government’s nature. Nowadays the modern generation has Republican and Democratic parties arguing over these challenges. The works of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes helped better exemplify the prevailing standpoints of the seventeenth-century England. According to Hansen and Curtis (2014), Hobbes and Locke were the eminent philosophers of the Enlightenment era. While Hobbes as the founding father of political philosophy and Locke as the father of classical liberalism are focused on the same subjects, the thinkers differed on some fundamental points. The philosophies of Hobbes and Locke are opposite because of various significant events they witnessed during their lifetime. While Locke witnessed a very peaceful governmental system, Hobbes witnessed quite a chaotic one, and, therefore, their views reflect their environments.

The Periods, in Which the Philosophers Lived and Their Standpoints about the Government’s Role

Locke and Hobbes were interested in the political life, human natural state, and the conditions of mankind. At that time, these subjects were deeply examined leading to the idea of government as the modern generation knows it today. Locke lived in the period of the Glorious Revolution, during which the English King was peacefully overthrown and replaced by the spouses William and Mary. It can be seen from the Locke’s works that human beings are intelligent enough to replace the ruler in a peaceful way if needed. Hobbes, in turn, lived during the Civil War full of troubles and concerns. Moreover, the armed conflict led to the execution of Charles I and helped replace the monarchy with the Commonwealth of England. Soon, the Protectorate replaced the Commonwealth of England. Afterwards, the country started to live under the personal rule of Oliver Cromwell (Harrington, 2003). Therefore, the philosophy of Hobbes reflected the state of disorder and unrest.

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Locke considered that humankind, when it is left to fend, was principally good. It had rights and abilities to determine own future. Moreover, the thinker also believed in the government, whose basic target would be to enforce particular legislation aimed at protecting human life, property, and ensuring the national defense. Locke discussed the divine right as well as autocracy as an outdated myth that was imposed on individuals, who had allowed themselves to be subordinated. The philosopher claimed that no one had the right to hold power over other people. On the other hand, the philosopher-materialist Hobbes asserted that the ruling monarchy, with its indisputable authority over individuals, was the only stable government. As a person, who lived in the period of autocracy, Hobbes remained convinced that only the monarch with his supreme authority was able to protect the country as well as maintain order and law among residents. Discussing the life of mankind, Hobbes believed that it was short, brutal, poor, solitary, and nasty (Stein, 2011). The philosopher claimed that human beings were concerned with their own ambitions, lives, and survival. They did not think about the welfare of the country or other people. Hobbes believed that the democracy in any form would result in anarchy with millions of dissenting individuals, who had no common goal.

As for the British educator and philosopher Locke, he asserted that human beings were good and positive, and they would do what was right for people around. While in the world of the autocratic government, there was no necessity to educate individuals and let them have own opinions, Locke believed in the significance of education.

While Locke and Hobbes advocated the representation, the last one suggested that the representatives of different groups could submit their petitions to the monarch. However, the monarch was not obliged to act on their requests. On the other hand, the thinker Locke declared that the representatives should be an integral part of the government led by an elected official. Undoubtedly, it is important to pay attention to the people’s concerns, decisions, and interests all the time.

Viewpoints of Locke and Hobbes about Monarchy

In his political writings, Locke mentioned monarchy as the perfect form of government. However, in comparison with the Hobbes’s standpoint, Locke considered an ideal type of monarchy to be one that was greatly restricted by the will and power of the monarch’s subjects. Moreover, Locke was a proponent of the social contract theory. While Hobbes believed that a monarch received unlimited authority and the primary contract was indirectly recognized, Locke asserted that the social contract between monarchs and their subjects was continuously and thoroughly scrutinized. The thinker mentioned that the people’s collective will could break that contract. Moreover, if the king or the head of the government started to act unfairly and arbitrarily, it could lead to their overthrow. 

The eminent philosopher Hobbes pointed to the absolute monarchy as the only correct and ideal form of government. He presented his forceful arguments in the outstanding work Leviathan (Jayapalan, 2001). The thinker’s belief stemmed from the basic principle of natural philosophy that individuals are selfish creatures. Hobbes claimed that if an individual was placed in the state of nature, he/she would live in the constant state of warfare with people around. The human life was horrible, solitary, and short in the natural state. The British Civil War that lasted seven years from 1642 to 1649 and ended with beheading of Charles I largely shaped the philosopher’s viewpoint of human nature (Tebbit, 2005). In addition, Hobbes related the subsequent chaotic period of interregnum that lasted eleven years from 1649 to 1660, to the basic state of nature that human beings could get. Taking into account quite a dysfunctional nature of the English government during that period, Hobbes’ standpoints could unexpectedly surprise. Due to the philosopher’s pessimistic vision regarding human nature, he believed in the absolute monarchy as the government’s form that could hold violent impulses of humanity in check. In this monarchial form of government, the king had supreme and unlimited power over his people. Hobbes believed that rulers had an implicit and unspoken contract with their subjects, which required him to govern fairly. Moreover, the thinker ascribed complete power to the monarch, and did not believe that human beings had a right to rebel or resist something.

The Philosophers’ Positions Regarding the State of Nature and Hobbes’s Position of War

The state of nature discussed by John Locke differed from the Hobbes’s vision. Locke portrayed people as peaceful and reasonable ones, while Hobbes viewed human beings as egoistical and reckless. Locke pointed to the peaceful transfer of power as one that greatly affected him. Afterwards, he started to regard individuals as peaceful beings, who had natural rights and needed a limited government. During the period of chaos and war, many people lost hope. Therefore, Hobbes built arguments on what he saw. Concerns and chaos caused the philosopher to describe human beings as those, who always fought and competed.

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One can find many differences between the philosophies and views of Locke and Hobbes because of the conception of democratic rules, human rights, and the expanse between the two generations. The undeniable significance of Locke’s political thought is well-known for today. As the first theorist who developed the liberalism philosophy, Locke enormously affected America and England. Locke put forward the view that the state existed to safeguard the citizens’ fundamental natural rights. If the government failed to do that, citizens had the right and duty to rebel and withdraw support (Wacks, 2012). Locke opposed viewpoint expressed by Thomas Hobbes that the initial state of nature was short, brutal, and ugly and that all human beings gave up for the sake of self-preservation of their rights through the social contract.

Locke addressed the Hobbes’s affirmation that the state of nature was identified with the state of war, although he attributed this claim not only to Hobbes but also to other men. The philosopher disproved it by emphasizing the real historical examples of human beings in the state of nature. Those individuals, who were not subjected to judges in resolving various disputes, could legitimately assume responsibility, take the necessary measures, and eventually punish wrongdoers, as it was observed in the state of nature.

Hobbes (2009) asserted that without subjection to a common authority, human beings were at war. The philosopher’s position was similar to the fascist one. The peace is a disguised war. Therefore, Hobbes claimed that there was a need to suppress all corporations and replace them with the direct realization of the state power. That is why Adolf Hitler believed that declaring war on the USA was simply a meaningless trivial step. Peace was not a symbol, and it was not the kind of preparation for the predatory attack. Unlike the fascists and communists, Hobbes had no particular plan for suppressing rivalry and pursuing conflicting targets. The thinker clearly regarded various goals as a vital and desirable part of a good state.

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Locke was well-known as the father of classic liberalism and the eminent empiricist. As for Hobbes, he developed classical realism, modern political philosophy. He was also the precursor of modern totalitarianism. While the distinction between these two legendary figures may be vague in some cases, it is evident that the majority today lives in the state under the master ruling, rather than the judge one. Therefore, the present-day state can be identified with the Hobbes’s vision rather than one that was offered by the philosopher Locke. Although, the modern state is still far from the absolutist government praised by Hobbes. The significant philosophies of the eminent thinkers Locke and Hobbes differ in some aspects because of the historical events occurred during their lifetime. While Locke observed functioning of quite a peaceful government system, Hobbes witnessed a disordered system. Different environments, where the philosophers lived helped them build own opinions on various events and leave a great legacy of their works for the modern generation. 

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