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Commercials essay

Ads are utilized to persuade potential buyers to consider buying a particular product instead of the competitor product. Ads are considered platforms for selling out a product through presentation of the product’s strengths or advantages over the competing products. However, ads also utilize ...

Pollution in China and the USA essay

Introduction The human civilization of the XXI century is on the edge of crucial changes, facing the choice between material welfare and human extinction threat because of consequences of its activity. An examination of the ecological sector of two significant states, China and the USA, traces the ...

The British Airways Swipe Card Debacle essay

Abstract On July, 18, 2003, British Airways (BA) staff held a 24-hour wildcat strike. BA staff  were protesting the introduction of a system for electronic clocking-in that would record when they started and finished work for the day. Staff were concerned that the system would enable managers ...

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