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Ads are utilized to persuade potential buyers to consider buying a particular product instead of the competitor product. Ads are considered platforms for selling out a product through presentation of the product’s strengths or advantages over the competing products. However, ads also utilize concepts of psychology to impart psychological influence on the buyers through the utilization of ethos, pathos and logos. Ads are projected towards a particular target audience where benefits of a product are presented through the utilization of different persuasive elements. However, making an effective ad for a particular audience is challenging as designers or directors have to integrate different elements to generate to most suitable ad for the target audience.

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The target audience for Chrysler, "Born of Fire" are mostly individuals who doubt the capabilities of the Detroit City and fans of the renowned Detroit artist. The ad demonstrates the defense over the existing Detroit City, its heritage, the industry that produces Chryslers and, most importantly, the city’s culture. The benefits to the audience emanate from the heritage of Detroit City. The ad presents the culture, the hard work and other elements that indicate the richness of Detroit’s heritage. The ad persuades the audience that Chrysler vehicles are manufactured from the best materials. The presentation of Chrysler by a renowned artist is supposed to persuade the target audience to drive Chryslers and share greatness with Eminem.   

The target audience for AMIS Insurance "Office" is everyone more so the drivers since the ad projects that accidents strike without warning and cause unexpected outcomes. The ad warns that a single shift in attention can contribute to huge accidents that often generate unanticipated accidents. The ad indicates that having personal insurance may shield individuals from any unexpected accidents or events.   The ad persuades the target audience through the presentation of the situation that is least prone to accidents to demonstrate to the target audience on the need to possess personal insurance.

The target audience for Nike 'Write The Future’ were Nike and football fans globally, in which the company seeks support, purchase its brand products. The ad presents various benefits for the target audience, which include greatness, being better at football in Nike products and overall confidence. Additionally, the performance projected through the utilization of Nike products generates happiness to millions of fans. The ad persuades the audience through the presentation of different stars and associates the excellent performance of football stars to the utilization of Nike products. Furthermore, the ad persuades the audience through the presentation of the ripple effect generated through Nike products.

In summary, effective ads are meant to interest the target audience, intrigue and inspire these audiences while persuading them to purchase products or services under advertisement. Effective ads should integrate witty taglines, pictures, eye-catching colors and other factors that influence the psychology of the viewers. The ads should indicate the unique features and benefits of utilizing the product or service under consideration in order to generate the urge for purchasing the product or service over others. The ad should reflect a sense of urgency through witty wording to entice customers. The picture and information layout should be appealing to consumers through the combination of colors and logos. Presenting offers for the customers may persuade the customers to try out the product or service. The offers for the product or service may comprise of the product or service price, dietary information and other financing information. Creativity is the key for the creation of effective ads that capture all the desired elements for the target audience. 

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