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The Pygmalion is one of the most entertaining British plays that are loved by many people to date; the play is an intriguing one due to its social observations and the charming love story. In the play, Henry Higgins is a character who is upper- middle – class person of leisure who changes Eliza Doolittle who is an affiliate of the working poor via training her in the language and manners aspects. The end of this play is an uncertain one, this is due to the fact that there is a probability that Eliza could end up with Freddy, Higgins, Pickering or herself.

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In the original ending of the play, Eliza leaves Henry Higgins since he is seen alone in the stage. This is a disadvantage and a big loss to Henry as Eliza declares that she would marry Freddy. However, Freddy is a character who acts in a manner likely to suggest that he is an appropriate husband. Freddy treats Eliza in a friendly manner. She compares Henry character of rudeness, bad attitude and not being caring to the Freddy who she sees as a real gentleman who is sweet, tender and cheerful. Eliza in this situation is at the upper hand because of the love, respect and caring that she receives from Freddy without looking at aspects such as the social status or the level of education in her.

Eliza does not end up with Freddy as it was thought of by everyone, not even colonel Pickering. The disadvantages of Eliza ending up with one of the guys would, first, it would be a disadvantage to the other guys who would be left single, second the play would be so direct from the start to the end, everything would be so clear as the best guy being Freddy marries Eliza, if so, this would be a play that would have a fair ending, no critics and thus having being acted in the early 90s it would have been forgotten long ago.

In addition, Eliza ending up with Freddy despite him being a real gentleman would be an inhuman thing to do especially due to the fact that Henry played a very big role into transforming the woman that Eliza was when she met the other guys. This is an act of betrayal and deceives as there is a high probability that Eliza will return back to Higgins, however that is unclear as it is not shown in the play.

The greatest advantage with the action of Eliza is on the audience as its makes the play an unique one due to its ending, this the audience is left in a frustrated position due to the poor conclusion of what was seen to be a play about a love story, normally plays about romance usually ends up in a clear manner. The audience’s wish was to see a classic consummation of the hero and the heroine in a romantic state; this is because that is what the play was all about from the beginning. Most of the people who have watched the play believe that the way the Eliza treated Freddy is a display of pride in a woman and that such aspects should not be advocated for in such a play. As a result, this play has maintained its fame due to the critics.

By using Eliza as a low class character, both Higgins and Pickering make a point that any woman can become a real lady with good training and provision of information, Eliza is able to transform, however, this leaves her in a no man’s land. This is due to her inability to make a wise decision on who to marry and instead keeps playing with these men who have contributed much to her life.

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