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Education policy as a set of theoretical principles and system of governmental educational policies applies different laws that monitor educational institutions and their work. Mainly, in its focus are educational decisions and their alternatives and how they could be met by both sides. In this paper I will evaluate the course education policy. Also, I will discuss how this course was learnt, and how it could be applied in the future. Moreover, I will tell how it has changed my thinking and what educational policy I could establish theoretically.

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The course education policy reflects many aspects of relationship between theoretical educational policies and how they are applied. Also it describes how such institutions cooperate and operate regarding those rules and principles set by the government. All of the aspects were met very clearly, as they were illustrated with examples and full of statements that could be applied to many institutions and cases. This course was quite useful, because there was some information (for example the evaluation of learning programs and innovative approaches in this field), that could be applied in the future. It could be used in the further learning and applied in the university. There is a need to understand how educational system works in order to evaluate it and to choose the right institution. There were not too much things that changed my thinking, however, I gained many new information that could be researched further. I would like to learn more about specific policies of the best universities around the country for analysis and the requirements needed to apply to them. If I could establish a policy about education, it would be a set of policies on the topic of improvement of learning process.

To sum up, I would like to say, that education policy course was quite useful and could be applied on practice by students in the future.

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