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Estimated to be over 70 millions, Generation Y constitutes of the world’s top emergent segment of today’s employees. Born in the mid-1980’s onwards, the Millenials are now in their 20s, and are just entering their careers. Unlike their predecessors, the Baby Boomers and Generation X, the Generation Y members have faced numerous challenges in their environment; from the problem of stagnant wages, unrealistic student debts, vast technological changes, rapidly increasing house prices, the challenge of making a relationship of dual-earners work, soaring of post-secondary degrees, expansion of informal sector, and the general uncertainty of the world economy and labor markets. All these challenges have made it almost insurmountable to start and maintain a successful career (Sheahan, 2005).

The Generation Y’s quest to adapt to these changes and built a good future supported by successful careers has led to a lot of criticism directed at them. This generation can only attain their goals for bright careers if they take advantages of the many hopes, ideals, and positive opportunities that come with these challenges. Its members need to realize and accommodate the fact that just like them, a lot of older people had to go through the same experiences and so a positive attitude is a key to wade through these problems. They need to embrace the virtue of patience and learn to take their careers through the required ways and considering the time factor. Thus they should avoid shortcuts in developing their careers.

In today’s world, there has been an increase in the level of competition in the world of careers

Organizations have increased the par for the kind of individuals they look to recruit into their businesses. This should serve as a wake up call to the young people in their 20s to lay down a firm foundation on which to build their careers in order to stay ahead of the lot. A good education and virtues are required to win the right people and infrastructure in their environment in order to facilitate their careers. The employers will only accommodate the right people with the right qualifications, thus an opportunity to advance one’s career comes more readily when one possess the admirable qualifications.

For them to build successful careers there is a need to consider communicating in more personal means, like face to face and on the phone with people who they interact with, along their career paths to foster good relations and network. Generation Y prefer to communicate using technological platforms like emails, blogs, and text messages which lack the personal touch that has the potentiality of motivating and inspiring an individual. Not all the intended messages from one individual to another can be transfer the correct meaning through these platforms. Hence the need to interact with the individuals involved in developing their characters.

They need to learn on decision making skills in order to get and maintain jobs that will contribute greatly to their careers. Generation Y’s main weakness is the lack of consistency in the work environment; whenever they face a situation requiring a decision and where there is no constant stimulation and opportunity to enhance their skills, they often prefer to change environments rather than make a decision between two choices which is a major characteristic in the work environment. The shifting from one station to another denies one a chance to fully master and develop his career in particular field. The generation Y looks at the accompanying terms of their careers rather than the opportunities available for development of their careers.

Generation Ys need to change their ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude in order to focus on other satisfying initiatives in careers rather than the common motivators such as rewards, promotions, entitlements, and development. A closer look at the media opinion pieces on online news articles, especially the comments section, the strong desire to reach for more than just a job is a current trend amongst young people in their 20s and early 30s. They are after a job that offers more relevant and consistent to the social and environmental values that the young people hold. These factors require to be changed. Most young people, when they finally find such jobs that offer ‘something more’, tend to throw their all into these jobs. They spend a lot of time and other resources chasing their ‘passion’, and end up eating into the other aspects of their life. While this generation is seen by its predecessors as selfish, lazy, arrogant and unethical, it has a potential to take the world by storm if well rewarded, adequately trained and inspired by leaders.

The nature of the world today is one with a variety of everything

For instance, marriages and relationships these days comprise of not only the traditional form between opposite sexes, but also between same sexes. Generation Y members need to be more accommodative, more tolerant, and more positive to the varied nature of the social life in their world in order to get along with most people since such issues as racism, different opinions, sexualities, ethnicities and diverse cultures continually shape decisions in career environments and hence influence the success of careers. One of the notable cases in which the young people have shown their gradual change in this respect is the election of the U.S President, Obama, into power given his background (Savage, 2006).

Due to the nature of life that the Generation Y members have led since childhood, they need to embrace team work and groups to achieve the best in their careers. The people who form this group have grown under the watchful eyes of their parents who perhaps did not want to repeat the mistakes they did while they were young. The parents were always there to offer them guidance and support whenever they set out to do any task. This bred into them a mentality that seeks the support and input of others in accomplishing tasks. They also grew up participating in sport teams and various groups in life. They therefore must be loyal and committed to the loop in the careers to be successful. They should learn to do things by themselves and avoid depending on others to accomplish their tasks.

Generation Y members are generally attention seekers

They therefore need to hunt for the right feedback from their environment as well as guidance and reassurance from those people who have already established themselves in their chosen careers in order to draw hope, and inspiration to drive themselves to success. They need to be directed on the paths of life to tread on in trying to develop their careers. This generation needs to view work as a meaningful and an opportunity to continually learn and develop in life in order to contain the expectations that they may have from their employers. They should use their confidence, ambitions, goal-orientation, and other positive attitudes as yardsticks to motivate them to achieve great success in their careers.

In conclusion, managing a successful career in today’s world is increasingly becoming difficult. Due to the constantly changing nature of the world today, it is necessary for the people who belong to the Y generation to up their game and institute proportionate changes in their expectations, values, needs and attitudes in order to stay at par, especially in terms of career development.

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