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Stereotype is a group concept as it describes a specific group, and it is embraced by another group. Stereotype demonstrates an inferior judgmental process since it undermines the capacity for purposeful and analytical assessment in preference of frayed catch-all reactions. It generates a simple structure that hides the complex structure within a group; in fact, the social stereotypes are highly evaluative. In addition, this notion is considered to be a conception that is selective, an element of the human contemplation and a cognitive organizing system.

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Question 1

Stereotypes for particular groups develop since the targeted groups present problems to the group generating stereotype against them. Therefore, most stereotypes are directed towards oppressed groups, since the dominant groups are more stable and not problematic. Stereos assist other people define particular groups within the society. Stereotypes put up the positive attributes of the oppressed groups, since the oppressed obtain additional focus within the society.

Question 2

Determining those who define stereotypes and the way the definitions are realized is beyond the individual reach, considering the complexities involved. This is because the question implies that one has to move away from the mechanistic, preset and uncomplicated conception of ideology. However, individuals ought to understand the concept to make conclusive statements regarding stereotypical elements. It is necessary for the elimination of the existing stereotypes and the circulation of the new stereotypes about the various stereotyped groups.

Question 3

Stereotypes hinder or promote socialization since it compels the oppressed or stereotyped groups to learn the value orientations from the dominant groups. Therefore, without learning of the existing values from the dominant groups, the oppressed or stereotyped groups cannot socialize effectively. Learning social values, and understanding the attractiveness of those values serves as the inconsistency in the socialization of these groups. Stereotypes promote socialization among the dominant and oppressed groups while hindering socialization among individuals of the oppressed groups.

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