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Good to great is transformative and provides results to most organizations that have utilized the various approaches that are presented. The abilities of its concepts in transforming organizations and individuals through proper management are extraordinary and promissory to organizations that have not embraced the approaches. The approach integrates individual efforts and self-interest into group interest thus eliminating self-interest that distracts elements of group efforts (Ronald & Joseph). Consequently, organizations work together for a premeditated goal and vision.

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Good to great is functional within the criminal justice departments as displayed through the five police departments, which have adopted the approaches thus transforming police departments from bureaucratic system to systems that value subordinate efforts and allow their inclusion into decision-making processes.  The police departments have thrived through the best practices that are continually reflected in the police departments’ activities. The best practices have eliminated the profane and egocentric elements that are evident in most police departments thus bringing transformative waves within these departments (Ronald & Joseph).

However, the good to great approaches may function best through observation of the best practices and better management systems that value results and involvement contrary to management systems that value authority. Additionally, the approaches may function best through recruitment and hiring of individuals with adequate educational backgrounds for thoughtful or sound decision making. Criminal justice departments ought to adopt technological advancement in fighting criminal activities and consider the purchase of most effective crime-fighting technologies (Ronald & Joseph). Seeking community support for criminal justice departments may proffer support on various projects that the criminal justice departments seek to finance.  Community support may be obtained through proper relations with community members in terms of customer service and providing results beyond the expectations of the community members. Most criminal justice department usually operate through protocol and procedures, which implies that they ought to embrace flexible approaches to the various tasks for effective integration of best practices. 

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