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Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller is a daughter of Texas. Having being born and raised up in Texas, she knows every corner of Texas and has first-hand experience of what the people of Texas really need. She knows the culture of the people of Texas too well as she has been brought up in a ranch. Bitzi values the family institution as she is a mother of two. She understands the importance of the social setup in the Texas society. This is a ground for an increase in social development. In her private capacity, Bitzi has been known to be a proponent of human rights and the rights of the women and children.

Bitzi is also the granddaughter of the former governor Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson who served Texas from 1954-1958 thus leadership is in her blood. This is demonstrative of Bitzi’s wide knowledge and understanding of the political scene. It is more likely that she took after the leadership aspect and vision of her grandfather who is known to be large milestone in the politics of the State of Texas.

Bitzi is an independent, ambitious, hardworking and dedicated woman. She holds two Masters Degrees, one in Political Science and the other in Software Engineering. Bitzi is also currently undertaking an undergraduate course in Human Resource Management.

This demonstrates Bitzi’s value for education. She was able to single- handedly start her own software company in Dallas in 1993 and the company’s value was $2.5 million when she sold it in 2010. Given the opportunity, she can positively transform the economy of Texas. Bitzi’s selling of her software company is indicative of her understanding of economic and developmental aspects. This makes her capable of understanding and handling the economic services and facilities of the Texas State. She is, therefore, a better leader for the economic development of Texas.

Cultural and Regional Support

“Bitzi” Johnson Miller’s likely strength among the different historic political cultures in relation to the gubernatorial elections in Texas is the traditionalistic culture. This is mainly because the governor’s post has for most years, a long time, been taken by the Republican Party’s candidates. This is additionally accentuated by the status of the state of Texas as a strong base for the Republican Party. In this sense, it is highly probable that the people of the Texas state would favor the preservation of the status quo as a Republican state. Most political leaders and persons in Texas are characteristically conservative. There is also the indication of the state of Texas being a state that is characterized by a system that is one-party with minimal competition from any other parties within the state. This indication is a derivation from the Texas election map. With regards to the East Texas region, there is little backing for the Republican Party from the electorates in the area. It is, in fact, an area that has voted favorably for contrary to the Republicans. This would be one of the areas in which Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller may lose the gubernatorial seat (2010 Texas Governor’s Race Maps)

Bitzi will do well in the region of West Texas. The majority part of the populace in West Texas has been known to cast their votes in a solidly Republican manner. The Collin County is also a region that would have Bitzi do well. It is in this state that most Republican Party candidates have gotten sure votes. With about a 66 percentile of the estimated population being white, there is a high probability that Bitzi will garner the most votes in Collin. This will be similar to Montgomery and Rockwall Counties as they are also a common region that backs the Republican Party (2010 Texas Governor’s Race Maps)

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Campaign Themes

Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller will go for the campaign themes that are reflective with the main and common beliefs of the Republicans. These will include such issues as the education reform, the cutting of taxes and the illegality of abortion.

The use of education as a central theme in the campaign by Bitzi is mainly motivated by the lack of adequate funding of the educational programs of the Texas state. Bitzi believes that it is of crucial benefit that the government, both federal and state, funds the education programs in Texas. Education is a crucial element in the development of a state and the at large nation. It is the foundation of any fruitful developmental endeavor. Bitzi should, therefore, campaign with the assertion that she will push for there to be enough educational funding in Texas.

On the use of the issue of abortion as a campaign theme, Bitzi is motivated by the point that she is a mother and understands the importance and sanctity of life and the family institution. She believes that the view by Democrats that fetuses do not have any rights is a misplaced one. Life begins at conception and should thus not be terminated at the will or request of any other person. Bitzi should campaign using the platform that she will ensure that there is sufficient support for expectant women and programs to guide these women regarding the sanctity of life and other options available to them and their babies. These include the putting of unwanted babies up for adoption (Hamby, 2010).

On the issue of cutting taxes, Bitzi is motivated by the increase in taxes in Texas. These have had a big negative impact on the residents of Texas. Texans have had to cut down on their expenditures and other needs just so as to comply with the increased taxes. Bitzi should, therefore, campaign that she will ensure that there are cuts in the current taxes. There will also be no unnecessary and absurd increases in the taxes imposed on the Texans (McKinley, 2010).

Demographic Support

Women are likely to give their support to Bitzi. As stated above, Bitzi is a strong advocate of the right of women and those of the child. Her ability to bring up two children who are now grown on her own will make most women relate with her as majority of modern women are single mothers. The Republicans are of the ideology that life begins at conception, and are therefore, against any deliberate acts that may bring to end the life of an unborn child. Many women are known to have the same idea so this ideology may earn Bitzi more votes from women (McKinley, 2010).

Having been born and raised up in Texas, Bitzi has had the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds, social and economically. The State of Texas is known to comprise of different social classes, lower income class of people, middle and even higher income class. Bitzi is likely to receive more votes from the lower income class and the middle -income class. This is because, firstly, these two groups are known to form the bigger part of the voting population in previous elections in Texas. Secondly, Bitzi has not segregated herself from people of any class and is also known to be a huge sponsor in charitable events and organizations.

She has also been known to be against racial discrimination, and she interacts with all persons freely irrespective their race. This will make the Mexicans who form a significant portion of the Texas population vote for her.

To reach the women voters, Bitzi may organize for forum where women can meet and discuss pertinent issues that affect them and which they want her to address once she gets into power. During this forum, Bitzi will have the opportunity to sell her policies to the women. She should ensure that she stresses on those policies that are aimed at directly impacting on the lives of the women once she gets elected. Women attending that forum may also be used to pass the word round to their husbands, male friends and others who may not have attended the forum. This still sells out her policies. Bitzi may also use the media through advertisements to reach out to her potential voters. Utilizing the social media will help Bitzi capture the attention of many potential voters, especially the youths who also form a significant part f he Texas population (McKinley, 2010).

Win or Lose

Bitzi’s chances of winning are high. As discussed above, her campaign strategies have been aimed at favoring the majority of the Texas population. The Texas population is also known to be made up of more conservative Republicans than the Democrats. Bitzi’s campaign themes such as abortion, education and the cutting of taxes are things that presently relate with the Texas population.

Being in a conservative population where life is considered to start at conception, Bitzi’s abortion theme will allow her get more votes as she will be seen as one who values the sanctity of life. On the theme of education, her education level itself shows that she highly values education, and the guidelines she will set out will be of great help to the people of Texas. On the theme of cutting down of taxes, since the majority of the voters in Texas are not high -income earners, this theme will get her votes from the middle and low- income people. Addressing issues that affect women and the children will help Bitzi to gather women votes. Reaching out to youths through social media will also help her capture the attention of potential young voters (Torres & Stiles, 2010).

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