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Web 2.0 relates to revolutionary and novel techniques that people are utilizing for generating, collaborating, sharing and editing of various user-generated content on the internet (Discover Education, 2013). Web 2.0 tools have provided convenient ways or ease for carrying out various activities. Most of the tools are easily leant and demonstrate a technological shift in which activities have been simplified a million-fold. Web 2.0 tools comprise of video tools, presentation tools, community tools and mobile tools among others (Discover Education, 2013). development shareholders utilize these tools for collaboration in content development and content sharing between the involved parties.

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Web 2.0 incorporates social networking platforms and social media tools, as well as applications that assist in sharing amongst the users (Zash, 2012). Social media alleviates problems ascribed to the creation and sharing of content, connections through social networks, as well as finding, utilizing, organizing and reusing generated content. Social media is not safe for sharing private data to prevent access from unwanted parties. Therefore, the most challenging element of social media relate to privacy matters. However, a web 2.0 together with its social networking tools is effective in curbing any unauthorized access to the shared data. Consequently, shareholders or even workmates have the capability of collaborating and sharing content and may provide periodic updates or news to individuals within the network (Zash, 2012).

Several trends have developed over the years with an increase in social media sites that comprise of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among other social networking sites. Facebook continues with its dominance among other social media sties with other social networking sites obtaining elevating popularity as technology progresses. According to surveys, approximately 98% of the interviewed people are knowledgeable about Facebook while 91 percent are conversant about Twitter (Bennett, 2012). In addition, the not long established social media has acquired popularity with about 61 percent of the interviewed individuals being knowledgeable of its existence. Twitter stands as the social network site that follows Facebook in popularity and the followers. Most of individuals utilizing Twitter have Facebook accounts and their utilization of Twitter is the experimental phase for alternative social sites. More youths are continually utilizing exploring other social networking sites mostly those that have gained considerable following over time (Rossland, 2013).

Over time, there have been several generational transfers in relation to technology

Currently, the transfer from E generation to I generation is underway with the launch of I generation related devices. The transformation is attributed to the rapid technological advancements in the current generations. Previously, people welcomed the emergence of the E generations with numerous inventions of more simplified forms of electronic devices. However, the inventions generated through considerable innovative techniques have seen greater improvement and advancement of the previously created electronic devices. Consequently, the current developments have integrated I generation technologies in most devices for instance iPads, IMing, iPods and iPhones (Rosen, 2012). This demonstrates a generational transfer in which devices have been transformed for effectiveness and convenience. I generation transfer has relatively improved communications and enabled people in this generation undertake activities more efficiently compared to the previous E generation.


Web 2.0 tools have eased the content sharing mainly among shareholders and assisted in collaboration among other activities. The tools that integrate social media elements have considerably enhanced communications among the different user at various technological levels. Social media and social network sharing are the most influential elements that have the current generations have embraced, considering its ever-rising influence into their lives. Various social media trends have developed over time although Facebook remains the dominant social media with Twitter being second. Other social media include Instagram that has also obtained considerable popularity. In addition, generational transfers have transpired in the technology arena with the current transfer from E generation to the current I generation. 

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