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Importance of Science

Technology is the application of science to achieve a certain function. Technology not only significantly impacts the lives of people, whether one is a fan or not, but also the other animal species who use it to control and adapt to their natural environments.  Some people argue that technology is a means of causing even deeper divisions between the rich and the poor while others see it as a powerful force that has greatly improved human lives as well as a means of uniting the globe. In my opinion, technology is a tool which one needs to control in order to achieve the many potential benefits it presents. In the 21st century, new advancement in technology has led to either positive or negative benefits to the people. We are experiencing wars in different places in the world because of new technological weapon innovation.

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One of the important advantages of technology is the use of internet as a means of communication. It serves as a rich source of information and news as well as a way of contacting friends and family in nearly everywhere on the planet. Arranging a reunion with people in different places over the web is a lot easier nowadays. It allows anyone to talk to their friends as long as one wants thus facilitating the exchange of ideas that can greatly improve peoples’ lives. Using technology to communicate presents high speeds and unparalleled convenience. It has greatly improved the productivity of some people in some professions since they are able to handle more work within the same time. The internet has created IT jobs that have improved the lives of people who work in them and earn a living from it. By just a click of a button, individuals are able to interact globally, foster decision-making processes, open dialogues as well as do very important research in almost every aspect of live on earth.

Another positive contribution of technology is its use in the design and construction of different infrastructures, especially buildings. Designers are now able to incorporate sustainable features in the construction of a building to control its impact on the environment, save money on its maintenance as well as create a long lasting value for the house. A technology such as green housing can greatly enhance a building giving it more features that make it more efficient and effective in fulfilling its purpose. Whilst technologically designed structures may come with high up-front costs, they carry quite significant lifetime savings. For instance, green technologies are designed to use resources more efficiently thus leading to financial savings in utility bills. In some countries, green buildings attract government tax credits of up to 30 percent of construction costs which can go a long way in offsetting the construction costs. Building with technology has contributed greatly to the conservation of the environment by significantly reducing emissions, decreasing waste, consuming less energy and conserving water. By properly maintaining green technologies, the projects can take years. This increases property value because of the less maintenance required and the money saved.

In conclusion, technology can be said to be just a tool which can be used for both good and bad purposes. It comes with a number of positives such as convenience, saving on time and resources, though it comes with disadvantages such as lack of privacy and adequate management. Technology has changed our lives in numerous ways; our work is significantly easier and with more productivity, we can afford more leisure time, has helped even the disabled to work, saved a lot of resources and provided vital ways of conserving the environment.

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