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United States Army Values

Since the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States, the Army Leadership manual has been developed and applied in the training of soldiers. The values contained in this manual provide great guidance in terms of relationships and military service. The Army values form the acronym commonly known as LDRSHIP. Full meaning of this acronym refers to Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. This paper seeks to discuss the seven values that guide the United States military personnel in their operations.

Loyalty refers to consistent and unwavering commitment to what one believes in. American soldiers are expected to remain committed and offer unwavering support to their unit, fellow soldiers and military chain of command (ENLISTED. INFO, 2010). Soldiers in the United States Army demonstrate their loyalty by putting on their full army uniform and complying with their military operation orders and commands. Loyalty also requires all the soldiers to bear true faith and allegiance to the American Constitution. This value obliges them to comply with the constitution and the spirit of the military operation.

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Duty as a military value entails performance of all the military duties assigned to an officer with due diligence and faithfulness. The military obligations including defense of the territorial borders of the United States form the core mandate of the Army (Patton, 2009). Every officer is thus obliged to actively and readily carry out all the duties that come with such responsibilities. This value involves the requirement that soldiers accept all the responsibilities that come with their endeavor to defend the United States. Duty as a value entails compliance with military policies and directives in continuous pursuit of excellence in the process of carrying out the military mission requirements.

All the United States’ soldiers are required to accomplish their duties with respect. This implies being concerned with the welfare of others, taking precautions to ensure well-being and safety of other people as they undertake their military duties (ENLISTED. INFO, 2010). The authorities in the military structures must also not take advantage of high status positions to cause harm to others.

Furthermore, those who issue military commands and instructions are required by this value to do it with an inspiring tone of voice that motivates the soldiers to obey the commands. This limits development of resentments, hate and divisions among the soldiers. Therefore, subordinates are not demeaned but appreciated and encouraged to grow personally, as well as in a professional manner fulfilling all military operations. Mutual respect between the soldiers and their commanders builds a military team that is inspired to execute its mandate without implicit forces of disobedience and defiance to orders (Patton, 2009).

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Selfless service as a military value implies that every soldier puts the welfare of his/her nation, the Army, and subordinates before his/her own. This value inculcates a special attitude in soldiers that enables them to think not in terms of what their country owes them, but what they owe the country in relation to their service. It implies prioritizing the interest of the country, the Army, and not individual needs (U.S. Army Center of Military History, 2011). It also means sabotaging self-interests so as to enhance the well-being of one’s country, Army, colleagues and facilitate success in all military missions.

Honor is the military value that holds the Army together in its operations. Honor means going beyond the ordinary military requirements of service and sometimes giving up own rights and privileges so as to serve the nation. It entails living by all the Army requirements and gaining reputation for putting the values of the Army before self-preservation even in the face of personal detriment. The highest award in the military is the Medal of Honor that is given to soldiers whose performance in the Army is extraordinary (Patton, 2009).

Integrity means doing what is legally and morally right even when nobody is on the watch. Hence, soldiers of the United States are required to be of unquestionable character. All soldiers are thus obliged to be honest in their words and character (U.S. Army Center of Military History, 2011). Therefore, soldiers must be above moral reproach to an extent that they can put righteousness before popularity, and operate in a moral manner even in the absence and vigilance of their captains.

Military work involves confronting threatening and fatal situations. Such undertaking requires a soldier to have personal courage. Consequently, the United States’ soldiers are required to boldly confront danger, adversity and threat since it underlies in the spirit of military work. Personal courage enables soldiers to move on and not retreat, even in the face of danger (Patton, 2009). They must demonstrate strong physical and moral bravery and take responsibility for their faults.

Personal courage also implies good recollection and ability to tell the captain about the operations where a soldier was wrong, especially during moments of reflection after the operations. It encompasses the ability of a soldier to put fear aside and do what is required of him/her as a member of the Army. Patton (2009) cited that moral courage refers to the willingness of a soldier to stand by the military values, principles and personal convictions so as to offer diligent service even if such a move may be hurting.

In conclusion, the values of the United States Army have enabled the soldiers to successfully carry out military operations within its borders and beyond with great diligence and discipline. Recognition of the role of military values and emphasis on the success of the United States Army operations made the country establish a united and committed military force ready to execute its mandate as one team.

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