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History of NIKON OWNER Magazine

A magazine refers to a periodical publication that contains information in terms of articles and illustrations that apparently give details about a particular subject or area of interest. Magazines come in different sizes and shapes depending on the company that publishes them. Moreover, they appear in different categories targeting special interests from diverse types of individuals. The most common categories of magazines encompass art, photography, cars, motorsports, business and finance, fashion, law, politics, families’ leadership life style, among many others. This study seeks to carry out an expository analysis of Nikon Owner Magazine that is photography magazine that entails publishing of photographs, pictures, and images representing different topics of interests.

The Nikon Owner Magazine is a global publication that establishes photos that are meant to bring together owners and providing unique offers to clients. It has main interest in photography as well as Nikon equipment. The history of this magazine dates back to 1970s (Askey 36). During this time period, the magazines were filled with black and white pictures that did not present the actual colors of the participants on the images. However, with the vast innovations of technology, photography magazines have grown immensely to include the exert thrill of the events with the help of color photography. Though some magazines still hold to the ancient way of presenting the images in black and white, Nikon Owner Magazine uses colored images. This achievement can be attributed to the existence of advanced photographic cameras that have the capability of capturing the scene as it is (Stafford 14).

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The commercial introduction of computer-based electronic digital cameras in 1990s soon revolutionized the field of photography in Nikon. According to Whaley (23), “the correlation between the two, advanced photographic cameras and computers has been very essential in laying a wide platform towards the development of photography magazines.” Other factors that can be held responsible for the great development in Nikon Owner Magazine are the need to express and share ideas by different sectors of the different environmental representations and new products of the company in form of commercials (Schwartz and David 187). Whaley states that businesses also cannot be overlooked: “while various enterprises are trying to create awareness of the products and services they offer to various individuals all over the world, they have greatly contributed to the growth and development of photography magazines” as they try to contain these demands in terms of advertisements (Whaley 16). That is evident in Nikon in that it publishes the Nikon Owner Magazine in order to advertise its products to the market.

Content of the Magazine

The content in the Nikon Owner magazine revolves around sections that consist of lengthy articles describing the photographs and pictures. Also the articles comprise information about the photographer name, career, and the exact day the photograph was taken. This magazine is concerned with descriptive data about certain activities that take place in most societies and new products that it has introduced. While describing the photograph, the writer of the magazine sticks to the events or actions depicted there. The best thing about this magazine is the fact that one can be in a position to interpret the meaning presented in the photograph without even reading the postscript that explains it. In other words the Nikon Owner Magazine is self-descriptive. A person is able to see and understand the precise message presented by an image (Schneirov 22). This magazine is primarily concerned with social, historical, or aesthetic uses of photography rather than the technical or amateur photography.

Design of the Nikon Owner Magazine

Nikon Owner Magazine follows almost the same design and format like other magazines. Despite being in certain category of photography, it has the following four sections: “Cover pages, front of the book, feature well and back of the book” (Whaley 19). Its category however determines whether it will include a lot of texts or photographs depending on what the company wishes to present as its ideas to the readers who are the clients (Schwartz and David 188).

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The cover page section, which of course is the first page of the magazine, is preserved for advertising. Most ads will appear in this part comprising images of what is expected inside such as products of cameras and photos. The images presented in these pages are very enticing and call for the attention of a reader. The content describing the images in this section is usually brief and is made to the point. In these pages fonts appear in bold large letters enabling even those who are at a far proximity to read the information with ease.

The second section, front of the book, comprises of several key pages. Table of the contents is always the first page in this particular section. It can appear on one page or occupy two pages intersected with background photos or advertising images at the margins. Impressum is the next part covered under the front of the book section. This part mentions the magazine staff e.g. the editorial staff, ad sales, and marketing personnel. The editor’s letter is another part that usually appears in Nikon Owner Magazine.

It is the welcoming letter right away from the editor-in-chief in which he or she summarizes the content of the issue in the magazine. The chief editor gives some thoughts about the topics covered by the magazine in general (Schneirov 42).

The third section is the main part of the magazine that considers all the topics that were presented on the table of the contents.

This section gives certain freedom to the company since it is at a point to “place images and content in whatever rotational direction” (Schwartz and David 190). However, certain style of publication must be followed when arranging the photographs and describing them. Nikon Owner Magazine entices and attracts its readers all the way to the last page.

The back of the book accounts for the last section of this magazine. It primarily consists of the remaining information presented in the front of the book. The content in this part usually comprises of small-sized images, short articles, horoscopes among others. In addition, just as it happens with the front part of the book, this section of the magazine adheres to the rigid structure. Its design only changes slightly from issue to issue (Schwartz and David 191). Other details presented in these sections are connected with posts giving direction and information about the places where you can find the full information partly presented in the magazine.

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How Nikon Owner Magazine Fits into the Market

Magazines have come out to become one of the most essential tools in creating awareness among wide population with the help of advertising. As already discussed earlier in this paper, companies, industries, and organizations have become fond of using magazines to market their products and services to individuals all over the world. The most widespread type of advertisements found in magazines is about fashion, food supplements, education etc. It is for this reason that Nikon has used the Owner Magazine as a key platform of interaction with the world (Stafford 24). Nikon has been a top company in providing photographing materials and establishing the Owner Magazine was a wise move in order to publicize its products and interact with its customers.

Along with that, this magazine has found its way to large markets due to its enterprising ability. The issues are widely sold by vendors in streets and other parts of the world. The sale of this magazine has proved to be a source of income to many individuals who sell them in book shops and in the streets. However, not all magazines will be in a position to source revenue through advertisement. Practically, Nikon has established this magazine as a way to reach and interact with clients meaning that it is particularly for its use and not for other enterprises. In this regard, the magazine is popular and has a good reputation along with the ability to manage advertisements (Schneirov 34). It is therefore evident that Nikon has to ensure that the publications it makes are the most thrilling and attractive in this matter.

Why Nikon Owner Magazine is Important

Apart from being a source of revenue and income to the company from its sales, Nikon Owner Magazine has many other benefits to the parties involved. To start with, photography the magazine has created a platform through which individuals receive knowledge and information. Arguing from this point, as this magazine is published on a certain period of time (mostly done quarterly); it gives information in terms of news that prevailed within the period that it was published. It is significant that students have an ability to constantly improve their grammar after reading the content presented in this magazine since it is rich in vocabulary and artistic formation (Stafford 34). What I like mostly about Nikon Owner Magazine is that it has sufficiently been at a position to promote technological advancements as the company seeks to establish quality images produced by cameras.

It is important to mention the fact that Nikon Owner Magazine has been a key issue in promoting appreciation of nature. Most of its pages are used to describe nature in terms of high quality images that are attractive to the reader’s eyes. For instance, mountain tops, wildlife, and forests have been a common topic in this magazine (Askey 71). Such images are highly enticing when published in this magazine. This has resulted in the desire of many people to visit various regions across the world and see the same in reality. This way, the tourism sector has strongly been boosted. In the light of publishing Nikon Owner Magazine, a lot of people have witnessed their dreams come true. This is the work of the photographers that is greatly recognized in this case (Schneirov 56).

Nikon is a camera manufacturer meaning that it can confidently attribute its success to the existence of photography magazine companies. In simple terms, establishing the Nikon Owner Magazine has been a core issue in promoting the overall economy of the United States through advertisement, providing employment opportunities, etc. Lastly, I value this magazine for the reason that it is greatly qualified to match both literate and illiterate readers (Whaley 56). As a person can understand the meaning presented in Nikon Owner magazine without even reading its content, it gives illiterate people an opportunity to understand all the information covered in it by watching pictures and photographs.


In conclusion, photography is part of the Nikon Company and has come out to become an essential medium through which individuals can receive information in visual form. The company introduced Nikon Owner Magazine that proved to be a source of revenue and income to the company and to the entire nation. Nikon has used the magazine as a platform for advertisement of its products and as a way of interacting with its customers across the world and mostly the USA. The magazine publishing company, Nikon, should invest great efforts in ensuring that it publishes quality issues that attract a wide customer.

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