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Global warming refers to gradual increase in the level of atmospheric temperatures, earth surfaces, water and even air. The main effects of these changes are climatic changes which normally occur over a given period of time. Currently, global warming form part of the great global challenges hence make most of the countries converge in some cities such as Copen hangen and Doha; Qatar to discuss over the matter (Dumaine, 2008). Numerous solutions have been created to combat the problem. The aim of this essay is to discuss the solutions. The first paragraphs in discussion subtopic discusses the first solution and soon. However, conclusion remarks are also provided to suggest how the problem can be eliminated out completely.

Several solutions have been developed to combat global warming problem which has been found to trigger climatic changes. They include; First, the developed countries and third world countries must be persuaded to reduce fossil fuel use. Burning of fossil increases level of green house gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Usually there are two ways of reducing fossil use; all countries should advocate use of less energy or non- polluting sources of energy such wind and solar. Moreover, the rural dwellers and those people living at home should be educated on how to translate other forms of energies such as biogas into electricity. They should also be informed about using energy saving and efficient appliances such as fluorescent light bulbs. They can also be encouraged to buy green power instead of relying on government to supply coal energy. Green powers are environmental friendly and therefore no emissions released in the atmosphere to destroy the stratosphere hence climatic change. Currently, several countries including USA objects this solution, however several countries have already accepted to institutes climate conservative measures by reducing the amount of coal energy used. (Krupp & Horn, 2008).

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Secondly, people are encouraged to plant trees. Since carbon dioxide is the largest component of green house gases that destroys atmosphere, it is vital to understand that planting trees will lead to an immense decline of the gas. Plants take in carbon dioxide to synthesize their own food and release oxygen.Morever, they may use carbon dioxide to make their own tissues and hence reduce the gas in the space. Global warming results from deforestation, so it is vital to spare the plants available and plant others so as to ensure these gases destroying the atmosphere are completely reduced. Currently, UNEP and other international bodies such as World Wildlife Associations are keen to ensure schools, hospitals and other government institutions plants trees. So far, most of the countries have banned deforestation and they are encouraging people to plant two trees if they cut one. This initiative is seen to be less expensive, environmental friendly and less time consuming. Governments under the Global Climate Change Tokyo Treaty fund their citizens to plant trees. Some are even going to an extent of supplying free seedlings for different trees and especially those trees that require less water for consumption. (Miller, 2008).

Third, there is a call to reduce waste level .It has been found that production of garbage contributes significantly to global warming directly through decomposition of the wastes. Decomposition of the wastes releases methane and other green houses based gases. These gases combine with carbon dioxide to destroy atmosphere and hence global warming. On other occasion, the wastes require some energy so as to decompose or used to manufacture some by products. This creates a high demand for energy and hence more carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere. Therefore reduction of our consumption patterns and recycling of items may on some instances minimize the level of carbon dioxide released in atmosphere. Several countries under UNEP are devising new ways of disposing off waste products such as metal, plastics, glasses and papers so as to meet the green house gas reduction target. It has been found that burning the plastics lead to an increase in green house gas emissions. Burying the wastes so that they can decompose slowly facilitates reduction of global warming. However, recycled items are found to take less amount of energy compared to items manufactured from the scratch. Therefore, states must weigh options on recycling and production from scratch so as to reduce energy use and at the same time reduce global warming. (Haugen & Lovelace,2010).

There are several other measures that states should take to reduce global warming. However, the above mentioned measures are the most instrumental policies that can significantly reduce green house gases emissions and hence combat global warming. Both developed countries such as USA and Britain and third world countries must agree on which measures to undertake. There are claims that developed countries release the highest amount of green house gases yet they are not ready to pay fine or devise new global warming reduction measures. United States accuses China and India of an increment in atmospheric green house effects. On the other hand, China accuses US of not being a measure in Kyoto Climate Change treaty that calls for reduction of green house gas effects. Such conflicts are found to retard the measures taken in combating global warming. It is the high time for all people to know that global warming results to flood and earthquakes. Moreover, it can lead to a rise in sea level and therefore it is our duty to reduce green house gases effects which causes global warming.

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