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Question 1

Previously, sales force structure entailed extreme bureaucracy to pass requests and obtain the required feedback. The salespeople were overburdened with selling products from three distinct divisions. Additionally, the sales force had too many administrative requirements that reduced their contact with customers. Despite salespeople selling products from three divisions, they were required to report to their customer sales division.

This demonstrated the complexity in the management of salespeople within HP governance systems. Additionally, the different management layers at HP generated negative influence on consumer responsiveness and decision making for salespeople. However, after restructuring and overhauling conducted by the new CEO, the sales force structure was simplified and made accessible without following numerous management tiers. Salespeople focused on smaller product categories thus improving their expertise, which allowed them to provide effective services to the customers. Consequently, customer – salesperson relationships have improved since salespeople can spend additional time with customers and provide the needed feedback if there are difficulties. Salespeople are not frustrated since the management tiers were broken, thus allowing management to respond to their concerns more easily.

Question 2

The new sales force structure guarantees better customer response, which increases overall customer satisfaction. The sales force structure reduces complexities in obtaining product samples that customers require for purchasing the company’s products. The sales force structure guarantees more contact or time with customers and ensures that the salespeople gain additional products information within their divisions. The structure guarantees better relations with the customers thus generating additional product requests from the company. Additionally, the structure guarantees better maintenance of accounts within the company for better services. However, the structure implies excessive management commitments as fewer company officials are supposed to manage huge sales workforce. In addition, the structure may generate conflicts since fewer individuals are supposed to handle grievances of numerous sales personnel.

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Question 3

The selling process steps for long-established customers are less complex than that for prospective customers, considering that long-established customers are knowledgeable of the products they require. Conversely, prospective customers are unsure of the products they require to purchase, which implies that salespeople have to offer information on the assortment of the product category under inquiry. In addition, sales representatives have to maintain good relations with the customer by adequately addressing the customer’s requirements and providing the best alternatives. Delivering products that fail to satisfy the customer’s need result into customer’s dissatisfaction and a possible defection to an alternative company that delivers similar products. The sales representatives have to inform customers of the existing purchase structure, which the prospective customer may not know. Long-established customers understand all procedures for the selling process and mostly require sample products that they seek to purchase offering lesser challenges for the sales reps.

Question 4

Meeting with HP partners strengthens the company relations and allows the CEO to understand the concerns of the partners in order to craft an effective management strategy. The sales force is more involved with the provision of sales services, but lack time for addressing matters that relate to their partners. Therefore, Hurd’s move fills the fissure that exists between the sales force and management that is maintained and managed by Hurd.

Question 5

HP may function similarly to smaller firms, although this might entail integration of the company processes and provision of effective management structure. However, the integration may require additional workforce to maintain these processes and prevent congestion within its systems. The functioning of the company is not dependent on complex systems but the most suitable system that delivers required outcomes for the management and its customers. This implies that HP functioning is dependent on the system that delivers the best outcomes.

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