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Management of the Honda Motors Company

Technology in the automobile industry has managed to create new classes into the production of automobiles that are responsible towards the management of the environment. Therefore in this proposal, general objectives provided are based onto developing environmental management awareness into the industrial management of the Honda Motor Company. To enable Honda Motor Company to implement its production facilities with latest technology, performance aspects have been proposed in this project which will not only transform automobile technology but also make Honda Motor company to be one of the leading automobile and motorcycle producing corporation in the world.

The project has covered the necessarily information needed into the development of the technology itself. Statistics have been provided throughout the implementation aspects of the project. The information provided here is only in the response of developing actual overview into the process of producing energy saving automobiles in the industry. Therefore important details which are in the project emphasized in order to allow to help the management team to access the importance of these new products and services into the company‘s rich and vast resources. Irrespective of its headquarters being situated in Japan, Honda has more outlets in its wide market fraternity across the globe, which helped in creating a market analysis and strategy into the distributing of the services and products. Strategic assumptions have been provided to illustrate the advantages of this new service and products into the market of automobiles. Therefore this project will be incorporate into the operations management of the company, product or image design which is basically the selling quality of this industry. More so information regarding the production and functionality issues has been tackled to help in the management, to develop a division of labor and resources to help in developing this project.

The global awareness has had a positive impact in almost every sector in the industrialization sector. Thus technology which has been induced into out automobile industries has helped most motor company to have a sense into providing machines and mechanical loads which are friendly to the environment. Therefore to produce an engine that is eco-friendly, with better fuel or energy consumption cells, hybrid vehicles and fuel electric vehicles (FCEV), is the backbone into the future initiatives of the Honda Motor Company. The proposal enhances the manufacturing sector of the company to adopt mechanisms which will in turn provide different designs in machines, engines and other vehicles which they produce to utilize natural resources as a substitute of fuel energy. The proposal has been encouraged globally and almost being adoptable by other companies into the production of energy conservative and environmental vehicles. This is to design the company into alternative production of user not only energy but also terrain compatible machines which has less weakness but very advantageous to a variety of users in the globe.

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The proposal to incorporate the incorporation of environmental friendly technologies into the development of industrial mechanical loads has a wide variety of positive impacts into the industrial performances and production of world class products. The project will cover the basic details into the environmental technologies which can be adopted by any motor company especially by Honda Motors Company. This proposal and its relative assumptions are the important roles played by the production and manufacturing sector of the company. The financial planning also is also another important sector which will oversee the implementation of this project, since it’s responsible for backing financial and resource support into the division of manufacturing. For the company to ideally develop this project, it will need to incorporate and coordinate is operations from their own base which is essentially will be allocated with the sole responsibility of producing machines that are responsible for the users and the environment in general perspective, (VERBEKE, 2009).

The sector to be developed as a sole outside functionality integrity complex of the Honda Motors is responsible with for its community aspects like the production of environmental friendly machines, which are fuel conservative, easy to manipulate and drive, terrain compatibility with different scales of regions with adaptability features like (4*4) vehicle engine that is able to drive through rugged terrain and hilly sides. The proposal also dares Honda Motor management to develop its own environmental friendly technologies to oversee the development of this machinery that is friendly to every aspect of the environment.

This project and its implementation aspect in the automobile industry of Honda Motors has managed to point out various issues which will be targeted by the company to improve its principles and feasibility attributes into its growth, expansion and success. Therefore the following are the aims of this project:

  • To develop a complex in Honda Motor with the sole responsibility of environmental conservation.
  • To develop new products into the automobile industry to create a competitive edge over other companies the likes of Toyota.
  • To produce newer designs into engines that emits lesser CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • To facilitate the development of energy economy globally.
  • To develop optimization operations in Honda Motor hence widening its demand globally.

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Key points in the development of this project are the most important aspects in proposing this project and they involve operational, marketing, financial and corporate social responsibilities. They include;

  • To develop wider market for its products since the demand of environmental friendly products is increasing globally.
  • To develop a competitive complex in Honda Motors, that is a profitable entity by increasing demand and returns of its products through re-engineering and redesign of its products.
  • To help in restructuring of the manufacturing and technological ambitions of the company in foreseeing their future initiatives implemented.
  • To establish a leading environmental conservative principle in Honda Motors Company.

Feasibility Analysis

Establishing itself like a leading automobile producer company in the world, has established competition from many other industries and corporations across the globe. Therefore in order to maintain this leading edge over other motor companies, any implemented project that has been proposed has been analyzed and traversed widely to define whether the proposal is more profitable to the company rather than its disadvantages. In this study the information contained has been in the comparison of the current statue of the Honda Motors Company.

The project was established as a supplementary into the improvement of the engines that are produced by the corporation and their importance into the economy and user’s demands. Therefore satisfaction of these agenda has led to the project being the determinant of its implementation and acceptance by the corporation. Initial analysis has been projected from the study of the industry which is going to be implemented in and the market principles like competition, relevant information in regards of the project and accuracy of the information provided.

1. Market analysis

Honda Motors has a wide market in like heir competitive partners Toyota. Most of Honda’s are in the mainland Japan but they have outside outlets which in turn has managed to improve its outside exposure into the leading economies of the world like the markets of Europe and Africa. This has managed to widen its customer base of more than 20 million users in the globe. In Japan only it has an established foundation that inspects its marketing foundations and strategies across the corporation’s outlets and headquarters. Therefore the proposed project will have well balanced marketing strategies which have been established long before the foundation to like to implement this environmental conservation technology in its products.

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Therefore this project will oversee the development of Honda’s motor environmental technologies outlets in the main its main geographical locations that are United States, United Kingdom and Japan. Incorporating this prime principle in the manufacturing industry, will not only aspire demand but also provide its competitive ability over other company resulting into a wider marketing field.

2. Nature of the industry

Industry itself is grown and developed into the ultimate source of quality and standardized automobiles and motorcycles in the globe. Therefore the industry that has been in place over the period that Honda has been in operational has managed to produce its own financing complex that helps its customers to purchase their products ranging from automobiles to motorcycles. These has managed to create a division of industry and giving to options that are easily developed in order to managed the pe4rformance of its products in international and domestic markets, (MACZULAK, 2010).

Fortunately Honda’s key objectives is to conserve the environment, therefore underlying principles of this project is to implement one of their goals. Through the production of environmental and energy conservative products, the industry will be dynamic and competition will intensify in relation to the demand of its products in the biggest Japanese market. Technology integration into the Honda motor company is the ultimate turning point into dominating the industry in automobile and motorcycle development and production.

3. Competition

Market competition is the ultimate achieving milestone that a company can develop in order to measure its performance against one of the most powerful and dynamic economies. In this case Honda is in a competitive edge that has other bigger industrial complexes in the world like their counterparts Toyota who are giants in the automobile business and industrialization, (MACZULAK, (2010). Much debate can be developed to govern the performance of a company like Honda in accordance to its employees and logistics which they use in marketing, sales, product development, designing and financial support, but in real analysis of competition in the markets will not only provide a basic information in regard to selling goods but also in determination of product value in the market. Thus it creates a tool to collect reliable information regarding to competition in markets and especially in this perspective how competition is categorized in markets, (VERBEKE, 2009).

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Environmental technologies nowadays are the basis of very product that’s being produced by industries around the globe. This will only increase and intensify stiff marketing approaches hence competition in the markets is increased and encouraged. Therefore competition facing this technology if adopted by the manufacturing institute of Honda, will be stiff from the corporations like the Mercedes Benz and BMW, Toyota, Land Rovers among many other companies that develop automobiles throughout the world.

4. Relevant information

Environmental technologies in the automobile industry are the basic attributes which are associated with the production of mechanical loads that are less disastrous to the environment but in real development they are important to their users. An automobile that has lesser emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere is ideal in an over populated city like in this case let’s say Tokyo. If every car in Tokyo cut its emissions into the atmosphere at a rate of 30% to 40%, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will decrease immensely hence creating a safer zone for human inhabitation, (MACZULAK, 2010). While the development of energy sensitive engines in the automobile division and motorcycle will encourage the demand of this product into the marketing which in turn will influence completion and other industries in the development of the marketing approaches that are most important to a corporation like Honda. Technologies that have more advantages than disadvantages are necessary in the development of mechanical loads such as motorcycles engines, automobiles and other elements in the manufacturing complex that are developed by the corporation.

5. SWAT analysis

Determination of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats, into the proposed project will manage to define the necessary entities responsible in decision making, management allocation of resources into the project and future expansion initiatives. This will enable to define the responsible attributes necessary in developing future decisions for the company and community initiatives that are the backbone support for the activities and products produced by the Honda Corporation, (VERBEKE, 2009).


Strengths are the key advantages of this project to the company and its entire community. Strengths will provide the fiscal evidence needed to implement the project into the company‘s organization. The incorporation of the project into the company’s organization will create a restructuring of the company and optimization of the resources since environmental technologies are important to the company, users and community co-habitation. The following are the strengths of the project in regard to consumer and company integration, (MACZULAK, 2010).

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Development of products which are important to the community in energy development, consumption, division of labor within the company, since other resources will be divided amongst the new division of technological advancements.
Improve its consumer base with these new features of their automobiles and finally the creation of wider customer analysis and competition in the industry of automobiles.
Improvement in client customer relationship due to positive environmental response.


Even though a proposed project is a foreseeable possibility as the ultimate turning wheel in a company’s achievements of the future, weakness are there to support the strengths of the proposed project that may undermine its development, (VERBEKE, 2009). Therefore the proposal to incorporate environmental technology solutions into the manufacturing of environmental friendly consortium products has some ambiguous responsibilities which will incur extra costs for the company, such as;

Development of environmental conservative initiatives will cost more than the current expenditures of the corporation and technically the new products into the industrial market will not be immediately adopted and started being used by the consumers and the wide market of automobiles.


Opportunities in the production industry that will oversee development in the case of majoring into wearing bigger shoes, that is creating solutions into energy economy, atmosphere protection and other efficient mechanical automobiles that will change the world of transport and energy conservation is ideal for most people and countries that are responsible for developing the important materials for a wider market and client base that is the automobile division of many countries. Environmental principles to be implemented will guide the technological aspect in other industries hence having an attributed agenda of winning the social responsibility of companies. Fortunately the opportunity is here for the benefit of every individual whether he/she uses the automobile or rides in it. With the wider market of the automobile industry that Honda belongs to will entirely help in capturing the many associated benefits, partnership agendas, financial instituting for purchasing of their products and lastly providing a base that is wide enough for the implementation of employment opportunities to a number of its citizens and community.

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Threats are more like weakness but threats they affect the project directly and prevent its success especially in this case study of developing new technology solution to the products produced by Honda Motors, they are the issues related to weakness. Threats in this perspective are mostly involved with the desire to change production principles with underlying stipulated resources that are necessary do the production of other products. Therefore, reliable information into this perspective is the production of products that are of low standards and quality with regard to their production aspects (MACZULAK, 2010).

The management may not have a ready developed technology that is associated with this development in their industries, minimal collaboration with other integral entities as part of the company that are necessary in defining important aspects of technological solutions implementation into the manufacturing complex industry.

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