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The University Advanced Education System

The University is registered as a public university under the state of California. It is part of the states three system education plan for higher education, which includes the California State University, as well as the Community Colleges System. Its campuses have been ranked as one of the best in the world. It is administered by a semi-autonomous board of administrators. The University is made up of 10 campuses and a student body of more than 250,000 students. The Universitys collection of its campuses, colleges and alumni makes it one of the most developed tertiary institutions in the world. It is responsible for about $40 billion each year of the financial impact. The Universitys campuses have various established faculties in a number of disciplines. Its faculties as well as researchers are the winners of the Nobel Prizes.


The students from different parts of the world are attracted to the University. Approximately 40% of the students come from low income backgrounds. The Universitys staff is known as the drivers of computer science, architecture, and biotechnology, which contribute to greatness in the classroom. The University owns more than 12,000 patents on the inventions. There are about 5 inventions for every single day. Some campuses function on a semester system. The Universitys library has about 34 million pieces, and is one of the largest in the world. Each campus has its own catalogue and takes part in a regional catalog.

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The programs enable the students to register in the same courses for each semester, at different campuses. With the approval of the Dean, the students registered in one campus may not need to register in another. In addition, the University provides a variety of opportunities for students to have experiences of living in various cultures while pursuing their degrees and getting professional experience. Students are selected from a culture of more than 40 countries. The majority of the programs does not require that the students have any proficiency in a foreign language. There are several internship opportunities, which are available both off and on campus, the internship may be unpaid or paid, some may have educational or career credits. Honor credits and courses are offered to the more qualified students who are in their final year.

There are several Sophomore and Freshman seminars. They are based on the concept that early interactions between faculty members and undergraduateswould boost the the latter experience. The professors from each campus come together to provide a holistic seminar. The information on the upcoming seminars can be located on the registration websites

Student Body

The University provides the students with an array of growth opportunities. The staff and the faculty show dedication to supporting the students’ holistic development in their academic journey. The students are presented with the great number of programs as well as services that boost their understanding of personal values and induct them into new perspectives. The students are from diverse races, which account for such percentages as the Asians 33%, the African-Americans, 3%, the Hispanics, 18%, Non-Hispanic Whites, 31%, the Native Americans less than 1%, international students, 9% and others 5%.There are programs that cater for disabled students. All students that have verified or documented any disability are given access to some accommodations as well as services. The services cater for students with visual, hearing, mobility and learning and physical disabilities.


The University has been ranked the 1st in the world for veterinary medicine, the 1st in the state for agriculture, the 1st for pioneering and accepting women into the STEM professions, as well as the 11th in the number of international students. It has been ranked as one of the most elite institutions in about 46 to 35 subjects, featureing five subject areas.

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Faculty and Staff

There are 61% of the males, while 39% comprises the females. As to Ethnicity percentages, it should be noted that there are the Whites, 57% the Asians, 13%, the Hispanics, 4.3% and the African American, 2.3%. to ensure that the population is ethnically diverse. The institutions faculty is made up of a team committed to research, teaching and diverse workforce. They are distributed from public service, to clinical serves through a variety of disciplines, which are inclusive of health sciences. The University remains to be forever committed towards the creation of a diverse academic body, especially those from the minority propositions. In the decade the come, there will be a more diverse academic population, which will increase the greatness of the university.

All of the campuses have continuous projects geared towards the retaining and recruitment of a diversified culture. A funding, which comprises about $2 million, will enable the supplementing of efforts by having pilot programs run in three campuses. The most notable diversity is within the newest members of the team. The office of the President collaborates with other campuses to monitor recruitment data and the diversity within the facility. It will involve discussions of the best practices in professional development, faculty mentoring, and programs that will give rise to a work-life balance. When it comes to the salaries, the institution’s salary is above those of the competitors by 10%.

Huge quantities of the experienced personnel will resign in the coming decade. Investigation recognized new staff advancement as a critical region to address. Staff engineers detailed various “barriers” to the expert achievement and prosperity of new personnel: being focused on the institution, exceeding expectations at instructing and research, exploring the residency track, creating proficient systems, and making work-life adjustments. More chances to take an interest in new personnel introductions, coaching programs, showing interviews, “learning groups” and gatherings can just upgrade newcomers’ abilities and fulfilment.

Commitment to Student Success

The University will have a commitment that will allow all the freshmen to complete their degrees on time. The University is also committed towards the preparation of graduates to take the next generation leadership positions within the states and the world. The University shows its commitment to student success through boosting the rate of graduation. The University has also implemented a number of long-term programs that enhance graduate success. Special attention is given to low-income and minority students. Such programs are inclusive of academic preparation programs as well as students counseling and programs meant to spot the opportunities that will enable the students to pursue their educations, and get success and graduate on time.

The key indicators of success are inclusive of: the rate of graduation in comparison to other institutions, the rate of transfer, the rate of graduation by ethnicity or race, the rate of transfer by ethnicity, the time taken to complete degrees, the rate of retention for the 1st years in comparison to other institutions, number of units attempted by students each term, the undergraduate degree awarded in comparison to other institutions, responses on the areas of engagement, average alumni wages, the rate of industry employment for graduates after their graduation.

Through the measures mentioned above, the graduates are successful. Approximately 40% of the students that join the University graduate within a 6 years period. Within four years, 25% of them are enrolled in graduate professional programs, the significant number of the graduates will take up management positions within the industrial work force. There will be a number of challenges, but the rate of graduation will change between campuses and may decrease for the students that have financial problems. The University will continue to take note of its trends moving forward.

Growing Research Institution

The University employs an approximation of 5000 support staff, to provide specialized support to the researchers. The prestige of the University is founded on its outstanding research, which is carried out by the qualified researchers in each of the disciplines. The members of the faculty are working on various dynamics of research, which are being carried out in various parts of the world. The University strives to ensure there is a union between the teaching and research practice. On the other hand, the researchers introduce their students into the research, whether in a laboratory, studio or library. The students provide their input through sharing their thoughts, giving criticism, conducting a data analysis, or doing sound board. The process creates an environment conducive for student-teacher collaboration for research, which appeals to high school graduates.

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All of the undergraduates experience the basic fruits of research. They become aware of the most up-to-date knowledge, the unanswered questions in their field of study and the basic methods and procedures of inquiry appropriate for the discipline. To add onto this, the students are given the opportunity to be participate in all activities and hus gain deep research experience. They are required to write journal articles, serve as interns, carry out experiment and provide critiques for art work. The undergraduates are also involved with faculty-supported research. The goal is to provide them with the opportunities for research within their fields. The students are reported to gain skills in research and library skills.

As a prestigious facility, the University attracts the intelligent high school graduates as well as transfers to encourage their academic research through offering them with the opportunity to learn and work with other skilled researchers. For students, it is important to go through university with the qualified researchers, in addition to being able to take part in the research process. The University has the responsibility of offering research opportunities. Students that enroll in University are most likely to have an interest in research work.

Arts and Culture

The University is part of a vibrant art and culture. There are many pieces of evidence of rich cultural contributions. The Universitys collection is inclusive of cartoon depictions, documents, photographs, oral history, works of art and other forms of primary sources. The art and cultural projects of the University are fueled with the need to fill the gap for inadequate digital sources. The primary sources lay the foundation for the struggle stories as well as contributions within the context of history. Students are encouraged to read and write essays that explore and record the University history. In addition, the University is involved in having lessons that cover the facility’s culture. The University also has collections and exhibitions designed to trace its roots since its conception. The art programs are mainly composed of drawing expressions. The creative artworks and designs make use of several techniques. These are inclusive of charts, sketches, posters, layouts, among others. The artist categories are determined by expertise technique and originality of the work.

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Catalyst for Downtown Development

The University is partnering up with non-profit workers to assist them in getting training on organic agriculture and the identification of new crops that will allow them to diversify their income and food options. The various campuses work on different projects that fuel development in the downtown areas. They are inclusive of the creation of web and mobile applications geared towards the reduction of illiteracy and the creation of trust. The second project involves mobile motors and research models for delivery of messages related to food production, nutrition, and sanitation. The third catalyst influences products for agricultural property. The fourth one is the coveting of empty rooms to be used for after-school programs, such as teaching innovation and educational games. There have been further research towards the improvement of female condoms. There has been research towards the reduction of emissions from industries in the downtown area. Students also work on the project that focuses on the production of clean energy sources. It goes hand in hand with projects aimed at delivering energy services to the residents. Another project includes promotions meeting mental health needs and provisions of services to patients with HIV. The alumni also care for victims of domestic violence as well as sexual assault, offering them counseling and peer support. Last but not least, the students work on sustainability policies and evaluation of their effects on downtown residence.

Economic Impact

The University is a critical part of the state’s economy. For each $2 of the investments from the taxpayers, it makes $10.00 in gross product and $15 in total economic output. The University contributes about $40 billion to the total gross product and produces $47 billion in economic income for the state. The University brings $10 billion in total annual funds from external sources, with an inclusion of $7 billion of federal funds. The combination of the Universitys funds with external sources is essential for its research, educational and public service agendas. The University contributes 6 medical centers and 20 medical schools, which play a crucial role in economic contribution. The University functions to create about 200, 000 employment opportunities within the state and $10.5 billion in the contribution to todays GDP. The establishment plays a significant role in providing and maintening employment opportunities for the state. Its expenses, students, staff and retirees create 1 of 50 employment opportunities within the state, bringing about 450, 000 in total. The University is the states top three employers in size. The University makes significant contributions to all regions of the state, even with the campus being far.

Campus Life

The university campus life is about a self-run basis. The University has an official opening and closing date, although various faculties and schools have the option of setting their preferred dates according to their programs. Timetables are also released according to disciplines. Students have the option of selecting classes that they consider to suit their lifestyle. They are not obligated to take classes, although some disciplines may issue the minimum number of class attendance. Aside from academia, the University also offers recreational facilities, such as sports grounds, swimming pools, theaters, and cinema halls where the students can relax when they are not in class. Some of the well-equipped campuses offer medical attention to students. The campuses run clinics where students can get diagnosis services and treatment free of charge.

Students are represented in the administration authority through their student leaders. The student leader is elected by the students themselves through a democratic election process. The student leader and the school administration work hand in hand to make policies that are considerate of the students and address all their grievances. The University provides basic services, such as catering and accommodation. It has set up hostels to house its long distance students. The students also have the option of taking off campus accommodationThe university also provides cooked meals for students, but they can also eat at the cafes.


The University has a healthy athletic life. It is involved in inter-college university sports, in addition to on-campus clubs. The experience has been left open to all individuals. The University encourages students to support their teams, since there is no secret that the teams support has enabled the University to succeed. Some of the champions hosted by the facility are inclusive of Taekwondo, water polo, womens rugby boxing, etc. The Uuniversity boasts of 300 sports clubs. Its campus has facilities of the highest quality. The University also encourages its student to take part in athletics by providing them with free time during the lesson schedule to ensure they engage in sports. In addition, it presents magazines on the benefits of sports and fitness to motivate the students to take part in athletics. a cash reward as well as recognition is awarded to the Interuniversitys winning teams. Almost 25% of those that graduate move on to play professionally for state teams. 10% of the undergraduate students are admitted to the University through merit programs based on their athletic performance. Under special circumstances, students that serve an athletic role in the school are exempted from expectations to perform well in academics. 4% of the university budget are allocated for the provision of essential support, such as training. The University also offers courses in such disciplines as sports and athletics to ensure the release of the trained professionals who are qualified to train other athletics aspirants.

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The majority of the doctoral alumni spend their career in the education system, with most of them in the tenure track system. The tenure track positions are in humanities and social scienceif compared to earlier graduation studies. The alumni from the recent studies are not likely to work in tenure positions, probably due the short duration that they are in the work force. The majority of the alumni attribute their success to writing skills which they attained during their programs, which serves a significant contribution to the quality of their academic life, as well as the reputation of the programs and campus. A significant number of the alumni are employed in stable careers, in the different fields that their education prepared them for.

The rate of unemployment is relatively low among the PHD alumni. Despite the fact that a significant number of the doctoral alumni are employed in academia, the majority of them have careers within the private sector, with outstanding numbers in life sciences and physical science. About 30% of them are employed in the private industry. Many of the alumni have been noted to report their doctoral education as being worthwhile, having gained essential skills that have contributed to building their careers.


The above review shows that the University advanced education system is experiencing critical transformation because of various developments. There are changes in the way advanced education is instructed, and in the way understudies learn. While the ordinary setting of the lecture rooms will keep on forming the bedrock of the advanced education frameworks, it will be upgraded by the joining of new instruments and learning methods, and numerous more web-based learning perfect ties and a more noteworthy assortment of suppliers in advanced education will supplement it. These innovations and ways to deal with learning have an unmistakable and positive effect on an advanced education framework or model. They also encourage better quality learning and instructing for both on-ground and online model, as instructive assets from around the world turn out to be all the more uninhibitedly available and more intelligent media for learning are utilized. Strategies for educating can be better custom fitted to singular understudies’ needs and promotion in learning investigation and empowering snappier criticism on understudies’ execution. There is a huge potential for enlarging access to advanced education and expanding a decent variety of the understudy populace. Online digital advances give chances to learn anywhere, whenever and from anybody. This will give an imperative apparatus in guaranteeing an assorted variety of models inside the advanced education frameworks to address the issues of all students. It likewise gives a stage to achieving worldwide markets and supplements the existing improvements in cross-fringe learning.

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