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Nowadays, the absence of fathers in the majority of families continues to be a crucial problem worldwide. Besides, fatherlessness is considered to be a threatening tendency to the family values and normal upbringing of a younger generation. The notion of absence of male parents might result in numerous problems and difficulties in relation both to children and the entire society, in general.

Various aspects as financial, social, emotional, gender-based, and other ones lead to appalling and menacing consequences. They affect male inhabitants and further developments of children. In addition, the improper discipline at home conduces to the formation of fatherlessness. These problems are believed to influence primarily regions stricken by poverty or high crime rates, as the Bahamas, for example. Fatherlessness in the Bahamas is one of the foremost difficulties. It has an immense impact on the natives.

Therefore, the purpose of the paper is to analyze fatherlessness in the Bahamas as a main contributor to male dysfunction and complications in a process of children upbringing in the region.

Fatherlessness is believed to be a major problem of a modern society. With reference to its common elucidation, it is determined as the state of living in a family without the actual presence of a father. Garrick Gibson in his interview with Dr. Crystal de Gregory determines that this issue is a serious dilemma, particularly, for the Bahamas (para.2). In terms of the Bahamian decrees and laws, a child born out of the official family is deemed fatherless unless the male parent acknowledges his paternity. According to Pastor Wayne Carey, fatherlessness in the modern world is no longer a minor problem, yet is it a social illness and a global crisis (para.3).

Besides, there are diverse characteristic features that immensely contribute to the understanding of the notion. For instance, divorce and widowhood are the most evidential reasons for the father’s absence. Widowed or divorced mothers for a given reason are forced to be totally responsible for their children. They play a principal role in the process of their upbringing. In addition, nowadays more and more women, especially belonging to the middle-class, are willing not to create traditional families. However, they decide how to raise the younger generation at their discretion. In fact, according to Popenoe, these aspects are “monumental setbacks in the history of childhood” (21). Moreover, fatherlessness through the perspective of widowhood, divorce or women’s choice are considered to be the most widespread factors having a notable impact on understanding and forming the overall concept.

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These issues influence the children’s lives and their further attitudes towards the idea of the family and social relationships, in general. Thus, divorce, widowhood, and mother’s convictions about upbringing are the most significant constituents of the notion.

Fatherlessness as a contemporary trend encompasses several other peculiarities that have a profound impact on the problem.

Particularly, these are being financial, social, emotional, gender-based issues, etc. not only in America or Europe. However, they are adhering to less economically developed territories like the Bahamas or other places, for example. They are the most important factors in exploring the question. The black population of the areas tends to be the foremost sufferer of the problem (Davis para.8).

With the reference to Fulwood, almost a half of children from 1 to 17 are brought up in partial families, i.e. by their mothers (7).

The absence of the positive father’s models in the family might be a reason of increasing a crime level among young men (Maura para.3). Neglect and rejection by fathers are the principal explanations of misdeeds and law violations, especially in Bahamian regions. According to Maura, children that have been raised in the fatherless household are “20 times more likely to end up in prison” (para.4). These issues can also lead to numerous emotional sufferings, pressures, and quandaries in future. Children without fathers adhere to an improper family conception, lacking role models or images to follow. As a result, irresponsibility and a feeling of permissiveness appears (Davis para.7-8). Eventually, these consequences might be serious and even menacing obstacles for such children to grow up and develop normally, i.e. to male dysfunction in the coming times. Thus, financial, social, and even crime-based issues are the critical factors in apprehending the reasons and motives of fatherlessness.

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As for the financial aspect, poverty and dissatisfaction tend to be the decisive factors of fatherlessness. Male parents are not willing to make any efforts to materially support their partners and children, in particular. Besides, due to a high rank of alcoholism and mental illnesses, the majority of the male population, especially those of lower income, faces numerous difficulties in financing or helping their families. Besides, the absence of stability in the society leads to discontentment and constant annoyance. As the majority of Bahamian inhabitants are black and poverty-stricken, alcoholism and drug abuse have become the elements of their everyday lives (Kunjufu para. 4). In this case, children are in a great danger of being caught into similar living conditions. What is more, if male parents are addicted to these hazardous substances, their children might result in having analogic problems. They might also be addicted to drugs, alcohol, and prohibited materials. In terms of law violation, children are also prone to committing crimes as well as their relatives. Thus, poverty and financial situation in the local areas are the significant aspects that immensely affect the entire situation and cause fatherlessness.

Social aspects in terms of racial or gender-based issues play a significant role in the development and understanding fatherlessness in Bahamian regions. Due to the fact that the population is mostly black, various peculiar norms and conceptions of this society apply to the relationships and communication issues of the community. Fatherlessness in terms of gender equally affects boys and girls in the local society. Youngsters suffer from a lack of support and confidence of full families. Boys struggle with some possible social dysfunctions, inabilities to communicate with others, possible crime involvements or even a direct participation in the felonies.

Fatherlessness through the perspective of boys’ standpoints might even result in externalizing behavior and extreme vulnerability (Davis para.16). In other words, the male dysfunction in terms of a social intercourse appears as a result of fatherlessness in the Bahamas. At the same time, girls suffer from the inaptitude to interact with the male population and the violation of basic social functions. Besides, the absences of role models in the families or disrespect towards female parents lead to severe outcomes.

Children do not have a chance to be like their fathers and lack the essential support in the local society. For instance, Drexel Deal, a former criminal from the Bahamas, has been interviewed by Artesia Davis. He claims that fatherlessness is connected with “neglect and rejection” (para.7). Furthermore, the absence of a male parent as a proper role model for upbringing children ultimately leads to criminal consequences and violations of social norms. Thus, social issues are believed to be notable contributors to the analysis of fatherlessness in the Bahamas region.

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Among the plentiful elements, emotionality is another considerable aspect. Emotional and psychological health suffers from the absence of, at least, one biological parent. According to Kirchheimer, children living at one-parent homes are likely to commit suicides (para.1). Besides, youngsters remain under great risks of suffering from numerous mental disorders and behavioral instabilities. In the Bahamian region, fatherlessness in terms of emotionality implies the further psychological development of the particular child. Fatherlessness even transforms a child’s brain structure. Various psychiatric and physiological defects appear in feminist, i.e. with mothers being unwilling to have full families or simply fatherless families. Kids apprehend the world through specific and one-sided views. Besides, such traits of character as self-confidence or trust in others tend to rapidly diminish. Children become restrained, offish, and unconfident in their future. There is no one to rely on. In addition, irresponsibility and low self-esteem evolve. Thus, emotionality is one of the most influential factors in apprehending fatherlessness.

Fatherlessness is one of the principal problems of the modern society. Along with global permissiveness and the decline of traditional family values, the absence of male parents has become a significant menace to the contemporary civilization. Numerous aspects such as poverty, race or gender-based issues, social interactions, emotionality, etc. have a tremendous impact on the formation and spread of fatherlessness worldwide. Particularly, the poverty-stricken and slightly abandoned society in the Bahamas is affected by the serious consequences of fatherlessness and its most significant constituents. Male dysfunction as the foremost outcome of the absence of fathers plays a tremendous role in understanding and exploring the notion. The absence of proper role models having an essential impact on children upbringing is believed to result in terrific criminal consequences and severe violations of social norms. A vast number of offenders consider fatherlessness to be a primary reason of villainies. The lack of fathers might even lead to the abuse of dangerous substances. Therefore, fatherlessness in the light of the current situation in the Bahamas is a vivid reflection of improper functioning of the male roles in the society. It has its severe consequences for the overall population.

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