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What is Plastic Surgery?

Lately, the world has gone crazy about the perfect image of one’s face and body. Celebrities are all over the media covering magazine pages and screen time displaying their perfect bodies. The displayed pictures are altered and often edited in photoshop programs to make others look more beautiful and perfect and to attract people with visually pleasing images. Some celebrities work very hard to be in shape but it is never shown in the magazines, so ordinary people in their efforts to look like celebrities run to the easiest solution they see fit in this case – plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to alter the visual looks and is designed to restore certain visual images.

People obsessed with perfect body image are persistently promoted by the mass media and are doing everything they can to obtain that body image. One of the basic needs of people are the need to belong and the need to confirm with the surrounding population (Edmonds). If being skinny and having a perfect body is perceived to be very desirable quality, people who do not fall into that category will feel like they do not belong and will try to fit in any way possible. Envy is the natural quality of human beings and at the same time, it is a strong and powerful drive towards the desired goal. Envy of the perfect body image that is widely promoted, makes people undergo serious surgeries and body alterations that are actually life-threatening. Since people do not feel like they belong in society, their self worth in their own eyes greatly decreases.

People in those cases often forget that the appearance they have is a gift from God. It is often forgotten that the Lord has created everyone different and the beauty is in the uniqueness of everyone’s appearance. By doing expensive and life threading surgeries in order to satisfy their ego and to become like everybody else and refuse the uniqueness of their look, they are rejecting the Gods gift. In the pursuit of blending in, people are joining the army of people that all look alike, rejecting their natural beauty. What they do not realize is that their bodies after plastic surgeries require much more maintenance than they ever did before. If people were lazy to take care of their bodies before, and are not going to do that after the surgery, they will soon get to the same place where they have started (Jones). Another thing people do not know is that the plastic surgeries leave scars, just like an ordinary surgery. Yes, those might be less visible, or might be hidden in less noticeable place, however, in the end of the day when people look in the mirror without any make up on they will have to face the reality.

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Most of the people who are planning to undergo plastic surgery never take it as seriously as for example appendicitis surgery or any other surgery for that matter. This is where people are wrong, they still have to go through general anesthesia, most of the times, which as far from safe as it can get. No one has second thoughts about anesthesia when undergoing the surgery that is a necessity, not to scare the people doctors sugarcoat everything, as they need patients to be calm and in their sound mind. Another problem with undergoing any surgery, actually, is that it is basically an invasive procedure, which carries a great stress for the body one way or another. Every organism reacts and recovers differently from the surgical invasion into the perfectly tuned orchestra of human body. However, this is not the end of the traumatic journey for your body, since the recovery from this invasive procedure is quite painful and exhausting and requires great patience. After all, you have a chance of being picture perfect.

Yes, it is correct, a chance, since there are so many things that can go wrong after undergoing the plastic surgery. The very basic one is that the surgery can go wrong either due to an accident or medical mistake, causing long-term irreversible damage to the health of this person. One out of five thousand people who undergo the liposuction procedure never make it off the operating table, due to the lethal outcome ( Benjamin). This will leave you with great looks on the outside and severely damaged health on the inside. Just imagine when finally the annoying bandages come off and you are all excited to see your new perfect face and when you do open your eyes, what you see is not what you expected (Swami). After months of expecting to see straight picture perfect nose, you see some crooked and far from visually pleasing part of your face. These things happen, in fact, this kind of surgical mistakes happen even more often that everybody knows.

Originally, plastic surgeries were invented for fixing health issues that could not be fixed by the means of the ordinary surgery. This is fully supported on my end; there are cases when plastic surgery is necessary. To set an example, when a person has been attacked by the dog and his/her the face is greatly distorted, the person gets a lot of looks and some people might be suffering from the psychological abuse from people around them. Or, for example, someone has worked really hard to get fit, ate healthy food and worked out rigorously in order to achieve the desired weight, but after the fatty tissue is gone there is a lot of loose skin hanging around. That is the good reason to have a plastic surgery, because the most traumatic experience for the body has been experienced in the most natural and healthy way possible. This would only be visual correction after hard work is done, and I find it very reasonable.

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To conclude, I would like to say that the plastic surgery is not worth even thinking of, unless it is actually necessary. It costs a lot of money, at least the ones performed at the highest level by top notch specialists, and even then the desired result is not a guarantee. All the sufferings is not worth giving up the beauty and uniqueness given to each and one of us by the Lord. People should take pride in their unique looks instead of trying to blend into the faceless crowd of people who look like identical mass produced twins.

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