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Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Being an undergraduate student, I had seen my future career path heading towards Business Management. This stemed from the fact that I had skills essential for providing a good communication and motivating teams. Notably, all these skills can be used in construction management. However, in the field of construction management, no two jobs will ever be alike since the occupation presents a challenge of coming up with solutions to the different issues on a daily basis. The good thing about the job is that it avails a person a lot of time to spend outdoors in the fresh air. Thus, after my undergraduate program, I had to go work for my dad and further had an internship with a company in Saudi Arabia, which aroused my interest in construction management. Notably, while working for my dad, I had to spend several weeks toiling on various building sites that ranged from single-room extensions to a fourteen-room extension on a nursing institution. It should be noted that this was the first time my dad had allowed me to engage in a hands-on experience despite the fact that being a teenager I often folowed him to various construction sites. I was excited to try the work for the first time as I anticipated working on tasks that I had seen being carried out so many times before. Besides, I have to mention that my internship in Saudi Arabia also gave me a lot of knowledge regarding construction management, which I anticipate to deepen further if allowed a chance to join your institution. The job allowed me developing many skills and acquiring job experience that I will explicate below.

When I envisage my life 5 years from now, I am sure of having a successful career as a construction manager. Additionally, I envisage myself working on various continents applying the skills learnt at your uiversity to solve numerous problems. Furthermore, in another 5 years, I see myself imparting students skills and knowledge regarding construction management through teaching at a university. This will avail me an opportunity to share my past experience in construction management with the upcoming engineers.

Personally, I am determined in my aspiration to become a leader in various aspects of my life. I have the guts to challenge an established opinion or raise a query in case I do not understand what is said. This has been enhanced by my studies in college whereby I got to feel that I had matured and become confident. My major academic accomplishments including my B grades in various subjects contributed to my success as an undergraduate student. I have also achieved good results in sports since I believe that it is essential for a person to be fit. Thus, being fond of sports, I have ensured that I attent the local gym at least three times a week to keep fit. Besides, I have to mention that my desire to engage in building projects developed earlier in life as I was amazed by many constructions that my dad worked on. Additionally, I got a chance to travel to varius regions of the world and get a glimpse of the famous buildings that stirred my interest in construction management. For instance, while working with my dad on the fourteen room-extension at the nursing home, I saw how comfortably and confidently he managed the building project constructing the building from the ground to the roof. I wanted to be like him when I finished my education.

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I have to mention the fact that working with tradesmen such as bricklayers, plumberers, plasterers, electricians, and carpenters was very informative for me. For instance, I learned that it was essential for them to ensure that their part of work is completed on time in order to meet the deadline for the construction in sight. Additionally, I spent a lot of time gaining knowledge regarding healthy and safety checks. It is critical for everyone in the constrction business to go through these checks in order to be allowed access to the construction site. For instance, everyone is expected to wear safety hats and steek toe caps at a construction site. Many employees are usually asked to present a CSCS card, which prooves their competency and indicates knowledge regarding health and safety rules on a site. During the last few weeks of my internship, I became very fascinated by Jack who worked as a foreman.

Besides plastering, Jack was charged with the duty of managing the site. He always held mini meetings every morning to ensure that supplies were ordered and at hand; he organized the workers into groups and confirmed that all of them were aware of their job tasks. I also had a chance to talk to him, and he clarified that the purpose of ensuring that the supplies were ordered was to reduce the instances of theft as only the needed supplies were ordered on a given day. This also helped to avoid instances of having excesses materials and leaving them lie around. A successful construction manager needs to keep oneself in check regarding his responsibilities; this can be achieved through the persistent daily practice. Additionally, reading or taking refresher courses also ensures that one carries out their roles and responsibilities well. Thus, I will share what I learned during my undergraduate studies and taking internship having the roles and responsibilities of a construction manager.

Firstly, I learnt that the construction manager is charged with the duty of planning the work. This should be done before any construction work commences. This includes planning of how the work will take place and what the crew will be charged with to ensure organization and a smooth flow of work. The construction manager usually does this when a project has been proposed in order to ensure that all the duties are performed well. This is critical before a project commences. Notably, the significance of this process is to enable the construction manager to determine the estimated costs in order to establish the price at which their company will offer its services. This process is also critical as it facilitates the construction manager to develop delivarables, which will provide a roadmap for the construction team to work within. This is critical to ensure a timely completion of the project in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, the construction manager is expected to do a thorough analysis in order to be prepared for the additional tasks that might emerge along the way.

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The second responsibility of a construction manager includes hiring, firing, and supervision. Notably, he abounds as the boss at the construction site; thus, he should not only plan the job, but also ensure that it is completed. This requires cordinating and directing the workers. Thus, he is also charged with the duty of ensuring that only the skillful, qualified, and disciplined people are hired; in case a person cannot do his job well or is indisciplined, he gets fired. However, it should be noted that a construction manager requires to adopt a hands-on approach to his duties in order to facilitate the work and ensure is perfectly completed. Supervision entails that he checks the progress from time to time and advises the workers in case he spots something amiss.

The third role that the construction manager is charged with is very essential. This entails getting the materials and equipments for the construction work. It should be noted that the people being supervised by the construction manager will be useless in case wrong equipments and materials are ordered. Thus, from my experience, I noted that the construction manager should be in charge of getting necessary suplies ranging from nails to bulldozers. This is critical as it will facilitate the construction manager to find a safe place for keeping the equipements and ensure that there is an inventory. Additionally, this helps a construction manager to make sure the costs do not exceed the budget. Providing the necessary materials in time reduces the possibility of wasting time during the construction process because of the lack of some equipement. Finally, it facilitates the repairs that emerge in the process of construction. Goal setting also is a responsibility of the construction manager. Notably, he is charged with the duty of specifying the deadline of every construction activity; he needs to ensure that everything has been done properly and within the indicated limit of funds. This emanates a signed deal between the owner and the construction manager regarding the project milestones. Thus, a construction manager is expected to review the contract from time to time in order to avoid its violation. Determining the goals, costs, and micro-goals facilitates a construction manager to come up with teams, materials, and supplies critical for the completion of the task.

Managing risks is also a role of a costruction manager. Thus, he is expected to troubleshoot the risks before and during the construction process in order to be able to reduce the chances of their occurrence. For instance, a construction manager needs to consider environmental concerns, public regulations, project site conditions, worker safety, and design assumptions. This is important, because the owners of the projects have taken into consideration the need for the construction manager to be partly liable for any resulting risk. Thus, troubleshooting such risks is critical in establishing which risks the project is prone to in order for the owner and construction manager to agree on how the risk will be dealt with. Another critical factor for both the construction manager and the owner is trying to mitigate the risks when the project has commenced. A consruction manager is also charged with resolving disputes. This is a critical factor, because conflicts usually tend to rise either between contractors, workers, or subcontractors. It is projected that such unpleasant situations can lead to the slowing down of the construction process; thus, they should be solved as soon as possible. This means that it is essential for a construction manager to have essential dispute-solving skills, which will facilitate a smooth resolving of such issues in case they occur again. Nonetheless, it is advisable that disputes are handled amicably, expecially those dealing with the performance guarantees, schedule targets, and deviations from the original contracts. These should be handled in an appropiate manner in order to promote a good working relationship, which should last during the construction period. A critical factor to note is that such disputes might slow down the project since empoyees might be required to take a forced leave in order legally resolve the dispute in question. Thus, a construction manager should always consider solving such conflicts informally and quickly.

Despite my future career path seemed to be connected with Business Management, after completing my undergraduate studies, I turned to find myself in the consruction management field through the realization that the latter avails a myriad of challenges and facilitates me to solve different problems. Working with my father before proceeding to my internship also played a critical role in shaping my interest in the sphere of construction management. Notably, the experience I got while working with my father facilitated me to gain the first-hand practical knowledge regarding the work of a construction manager. That happened at the time when I was allowed to engage in the construction process for the first time. During my internship, I managed to gain knowledge observing how different tradesmen performed various tasks at a construction site. For instance, I worked alongside electricians, plumberers, plasterers, and other workers. Another critical aspect I learned about was the need to be aware of the health and safety regulations. It is critical for a person be familiar with the health and safety regulations before he/she is allowed to get to the construction site. I also had a chance to learn about various roles and responsibilities of a construction manager such as signing contracts, managing disputes, planning the work, supervision and, finally, hiring and firing. With all these experiences in the construction sector coupled with the renowned name of your institution, I believe that I will be able to gain further knowledge regarding the roles and responsibilities of a construction manager. Additionally, I think that your university avails a conducive environment, which helps to ensure that students receive the anticipated knowledge in the course of their studies. This has been made possible by the facilities available in your institution, which promote gaining theretical knowledge as well as practical experience. I hope that my intention to join your institution will be considered.

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