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The purpose of the research is to find out the degree of control that students have over their health. This paper also aims to recognize the level of physical activity done by the learners. The questions given below include the holistic perspectives of the students on their health, such as the level of drug intake and the diet perspective on their health.

Primary question:

  • By what magnitude do students control their life?

Secondary questions:

  • Do students do regular exercises?
  • How many drugs do students take?
  • What kind of food do ADMC students take?

Doing regular exercises can help to get a healthy body, as well as to improve one’s mental capabilities. Furthermore, physical exercises can reduce body fats, depressions, and anxiety among students. With decreasing of the most of these destructive factors, students can always be in a conducive mental and physical state. Therefore, students can easily grasp the information they study in the class. The research has shown that providing healthy food and social support is one of the crucial methods of improving student attendance, as well as their work in class in general (Hefner & Eisenberg, 2009 p. 491). A good educational level must lead to the growth of responsible social development of students. Education has to provide the required basis for the students to make good decisions concerning their health. Therefore, active promotion of health in schools will help to improve educational and health outcome of students. Hence, promotion of the health care in schools will advance the effectiveness of the school, as they strive to reach their social aims. Students should aspire to gain a full control over their health for the effective learning experience.

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The learning experience of many students has been affected by drugs usage. Youth give different reasons for using drugs. The research has found that drug abuse among students has led to numerous problems that directly or indirectly affected their studies. Drugs often lead to the reduction in academic progress among students. Some of students may get depressed after continued use of drugs and their mental state is greatly affected as well. Moreover, drugs have been known to be a serious reason for many health issues, such as lung cancer among students. The research will attempt to identify the magnitude of drugs usage among students. In addition, the paper will indicate recommendations to promote the process of solving the problem.

Questionnaire Results

Physical Activities

Among the respondents of the questionnaire, 51% engaged in physical activity for 60 minutes a day for at least 15 days in a month. Students who ride bikes or walk to school make up 20%, and 43% took physical activity lessons in school. The number of males that cycled to school was higher (13%) than the number of female students (7%). Males were more likely to have physical activities for at least 60 minutes a day for a week (60%) compared to the females (50%).

The level of physical activities was found to fall with an increase in grade level. For instance, 70% of the 9th-grade students took part in physical activities daily, while just 50% of the 12th grades were doing exercises. Less than a half of the students participated in exercises that can help to keep muscles in tone (40%) during the past few weeks.


Learners body mass index (BMI) was calculated with the usage of the indicated height and weight of the students. To obtain the students’ BMI, their weight was divided by the height. The calculated index was used to identify the level of obesity of the students. Near 20% of the learners consumed about six or more portions of fruits and vegetables a day for the past month. A similar share of males and females recounted consuming six or more servings of vegetables and fruits per day (20% of females and 19.5% of males). About 30% of the students indicated that they drank soft drinks one or more times per day over the last five days. A higher percentage of males than the females drank soda over the last five days. In general, 52% of the students liked the type of food provided by the school canteen. A higher number of males liked the school meals (30%) compared to the females (22%).

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Drugs Usage

In general, about 20% of the students reported previous drugs usage. Males were more likely to report drugs usage in their lifetime compared to females (15% of males to 5% of females). About 17% of the students aged about 16 and less reported usage of drugs in their life. Overall, about 2% of the students have tried drugs before the age of 14. Nearly 5% of the students reported drugs usage over the last 40 days. Male’s students were more likely to report drugs usage in the last 40 days compared to female students (14% of males to 6% of females). About 70% of the students, who reported the drugs usage, have confirmed that they noted a change in their concentration and general academic progress.


From the above findings, it is clear that most of the students are informed on ways of healthy living. However, some of the students consciously did not try to improve their health. Low level of physical activities indicates a bad body maintenance among the students. Most of the students do not attend the physical activity classes. Students must be encouraged on taking part in physical activity classes, which can help to improve their general health. The number of female students taking part in physical activities was noticed to be lower than the male students. Therefore, female students should be encouraged to take part in physical activities. Schools can promote improving curriculums that encourage physical activities. During improving the programs, school has to focus on developing a holistic program that covers all the physical activities.

Calculation of body mass index was crucial in determining the obesity level of the students. This indicator helps in shaping the recommended diet for the students. The number of students who ate fruits and vegetables was recorded to be quite low. Low intake of fruits and vegetables indicates a bad nutrition of the students. The consumption of soft drinks by learners has been quite extraordinary. Consumption of soft drinks directly relates to the amount of calories intake of the students. An increased calories intake may lead to obesity and is associated with less healthy diet among students. Moreover, soft drinks and bad diet choice can lead to the bone damage and poor mental growth. Therefore, the school should strive to educate students on the benefits of healthy diet choice. The educational institutions should change its diet to ensure the inclusion of higher number of vegetables and fruits. It was noted that most of the students do not like the school meals. Hence, school should improve its diet considering the student’s opinion.

Among the youth, drugs usage is connected with heavy alcohol intake and tobacco usage. All high schools prohibit illegal drug abuse among pupils. The number of students that reported a previous drugs usage was quite alarming. The school has to consider investigating the situation and, eventually, find the right ways to ensure that most of the students do not use drugs while studying. The school have a duty to educate students on the negative effects of drugs to discourage most of the students on drug usage. However, a holistic approach to the drug education should be considered where the students are educated on most of the basic facts concerning drug usage, so that they can make informed decisions.

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