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The life of every student is said to be the time to meet new friends, attend parties, spend time on interesting hobbies, etc. However, in real life, the student does not have the time for all those great things because they need to study a lot, as well as complete various tasks and projects. Even if you manage to find a balance between your personal life and studies, you will experience many difficulties with your homework writing. To evaluate your writing, researching, and analytical skills, professors will ask you to work on multiple essays, research papers, term papers, book reports, article reviews, research proposals, and many other tasks. Each of them requires applying a professional approach to work. This means that you will need to spend a considerable amount of time planning the work, writing the paper, and proofreading it.

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To help students obtain new skills and competencies, professors often ask them to work on proofreading exercises for college students as these exercises should help them understand what mistakes are often committed and avoid them. To get a good grade for your paper, you need to do everything perfectly. This means that you need to pick up a good topic, uncover it from different angles, write a paper following the classic structure, and proofread it thoroughly. Unfortunately, a lot of students underestimate the last stage as they are certain that their papers are truly good. However, we want you to know that your tutor will not be able to put a high grade for your paper if it contains any of the problems mentioned below:

  • Inconsistent structure;
  • Wrong usage of English language;
  • Incorrect formatting;
  • Lack of proper transitions;
  • Incorrect citations;
  • Grammatical mistakes.

Luckily, all these problems can be fixed if you take some time to proofread your paper. When doing it, you will need to pay attention to all mistakes and inconsistencies compromising the paper’s quality. If you have no opportunity to proofread your paper professionally because of the lack of time, writing skills, or motivation, you should find a professional company and pay for proofreading assistance. If you manage to find a reliable writing provider, you will be able to forget about poor grades and other academic failures. On the contrary, you will be able to turn in great
papers without being afraid about their quality.

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(+15% of the order total amount) Apart from a “Detailed Plagiarism Check” option, our online agents will try to urgently assign a writer among the top 30 best company writers. Your order becomes of the highest priority for us. If you want your order to be our TOP priority, select this option.


Why You Should Order Our Best Academic Proofreading Services

If you want to figure out why you should order our best academic proofreading services, we want to inform you what makes our company qualitatively different from our competitors. Our center was established many years ago with the purpose to help students face their academic challenges and reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. Over this time, we have been successfully maintaining our reputation as the best provider of proofreading help to students. Here, at, you can order not only proofreading services for students but also help with writing, rewriting, and editing your papers. As you can see, we provide our customers with a wide spectrum of services to help them forget about their academic problems. When you become our customer, you will:

  • Receive more time to spend it with your family and friends;
  • Arrange your priorities paying attention to the tasks that are more important for you;
  • Get good grades for your papers;
  • Improve your GPA scores;
  • Increase your chances of getting accepted to the desired college or university;
  • Boost your self-confidence.

As you can see, cooperation with our service will be a particularly rewarding and enjoyable experience for you that will help you become a successful student. So, why are you still hesitating? When you place an order at our service, you will take advantage of many years of our successful experience in the academic writing marketplace. We do understand that our company is not the only platform offering proofreading help, but we are the most responsible, trustworthy, and legit service providing essay proofreading help. To ensure the highest level of our assistance, we have recruited the best experts. When working on your order, the expert will do the following:

  • Remove all grammatical, spelling, and punctuation flaws;
  • Check your text for consistency;
  • Improve the issues with fonts, as well as other layout problems;
  • Check all the citations included.

Let us have a closer look at the essay proofreading checklist used by our team:

  • Grammar. Although grammar is not as significant as the accuracy of the ideas, the paper’s mechanics is a truly important point in the grading rubric. When you are lacking proofreading skills and cannot identify all grammatical mistakes in your paper, you should rely on our team and we will not let you down;
  • Sentence structure. Proper sentence structure is necessary to ensure the clarity of your ideas. If your sentences are poorly structured, your reader will find it rather difficult to understand the ideas you are conveying. However, when you ask us “please proofread my essay,” you have absolutely nothing to worry about because our talented experts will pay close attention to this point;
  • Overall structure. No matter if you are working on personal statement proofreading or research paper proofreading, you will need to double-check if your paper follows the traditional structure including an introductory part, the main body section, and a conclusion. Having vast experience in providing our customers with perfect proofreading help, we will pay close attention to the structure of your paper.

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If you want the editor to pay special attention to some specific points in your paper, you can just leave a note in the order description and we will fulfill your request precisely. We want you to know that we are not one of those fraud services that rely on automatic spell-checking software. We are certain that only thorough manual proofreading will help us receive the best outcome. As you can see, purchasing professional proofreading services at our writing service is a truly great idea that will help you turn the quality of your paper from good to exceptional.

Proofread My College Essay

Once you become a customer at our service, you will understand why so many students get in touch with us asking “please, proofread my college essay.” If you are looking for expert proofreading assistance, we want you to know that is one of the best proofreading websites providing its customers with unmatched quality and support. By cooperating with us, you will significantly improve your academic progress because we used to help our customers achieve academic excellence. For your convenience, our company is working 24 hours per day, which means that if you need very urgent proofreading help, you can rely on us. Once your order is verified in our system, we will start working on it right away because a professional approach to work is one of the main principles of our work. When you decide to order our proofreading help, you can be sure that your paper will be carefully reviewed by one of our skilled quality assurance managers, who will double-check if it meets the common writing standards and if it is free from any flaws and inconsistencies. All of the editors working at our service have years of hands-on experience in polishing academic papers, which allows them to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. So, if you have written your paper and now you want to have an extra pair of eyes to look at it, you should rely on us and we will not disappoint you. In accordance with proofreading services reviews, our company takes the leading position in the academic writing marketplace due to our professionalism and integrity. We assure you that once you receive student proofreading assistance at, you will stop looking for other platforms.

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The Best Affiliate Program!

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What Are the Main Benefits of Proofreading Service?

Before you ask us “please, proofread my essay,” you need to know what benefits of proofreading you will get. Taking care of our customers, we have developed a system of fair policies, which enables our customers to enjoy every stage of our partnership.

For example, you can be sure that your paper will be delivered to you on time. No matter when you want to receive a carefully reviewed paper, in three days or just in three hours, we will deliver it on time. If you need fast proofreading, is the best place to receive it.

Also, for your convenience, our support representatives are available 24 hours per day. Whenever you need some assistance with placing an order, attaching files, reaching your writer, or anything else, you should just let us know about it and our support representatives will gladly assist you;

As for our pricing rates, you should know that our proofreading price per page is very fair and reasonable. We cannot claim that our prices are the cheapest in the field of academic writing but they will fit your pocket because we have the best price and quality ratio.

We want you to know that there are many other reasons to become a customer at our service. So, if you want to impress your tutor with the brilliant quality of your paper, you should just contact us with the words “I want to order proofreading an essay” and we will take great care of your request.

Professional Proofreading Checklist

If you want to proofread your paper on your own, you should have a look at our professional proofreading checklist. By following our suggestions, you will be able to boost your proofreading skills:


  • Is every sentence in the paper accurate and clear?
  • Is my essay free from passive voice constructions?
  • Are all sentences in my paper connected properly?
  • Did I use vivid language?
  • Did I use proper in-text citations?
  • Is my paper interesting and creative?
  • Is the tone of my paper formal enough?


  • Are there any sentence fragments in my paper?
  • Do all my verbs agree with nouns?
  • Did I use the proper pronoun case in each sentence?
  • Are all the modifying phrases, words, and clauses placed properly?
  • Is the verb tense consistent throughout the text?

Word Choice

  • Are all the words put inappropriate places?
  • Did I avoid jargon in my paper?
  • Can some of my words be substituted by more precise synonyms?
  • Can I eliminate the unnecessary adverbs and adjectives?
  • Am I aware of the connotations of all words used in my paper?


  • Is my paper double-spaced?
  • Did I spell each word correctly?
  • Did I follow the common rules for comma use?
  • Did I avoid unnecessary abbreviations?

Can You Proofread My Paper? Certainly!

If you are ready to get “proofread my paper” assistance, you probably want to know how to do it. Below, you will find a description of our ordering process:

  1. First, you need to find the “Order Now” button on our homepage and click on it. The system will automatically provide you with the order form that should be filled in with an accurate description of your assignment. Also, do not forget to attach a paper that should be reviewed;
  2. Next, you will need to pay for our work. Once you are done with this stage, your order will be verified in our system and we will assign one of our perfect writers to work on it;
  3. In case you would like to chat with your expert, you can do it in our secure messaging system;
  4. Finally, when the deadline expires, your paper will be available to download in your account. Feel free to download it and let us know if you are satisfied with our work.

As you can see, cooperation with our online legitimate service is the shortest way to your academic success. So, hurry up to place an order on our user-friendly website and we will help you turn in a marvelous paper. When you become our customer, you do not need to be worried about proofreading prices, missed deadlines, or low quality. As a customer-centered company, we do not want to put the reputation of our clients at risk by providing them with poorly proofread papers. Rely on us today and you will not regret your choice!


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